Checking Out: Shimmer by Soundiron


Shimmer contains a unique sample set full of sparkling sensibility that I am sure will find a home in electronic, underscore and traditional song productions alike.

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Checking Out: Shimmer by Soundiron

I am a pretty big fan of the sound design Juno VHS (composer and EDM/glitch artist Spencer Nunamaker) creates for his line of Soundiron sample libraries.

With the release of Shimmer, Soundiron delivers a  collection of 463 “shimmering, glittering, sparkly percussive” samples  with a collection of FX samples, stingers, risers, and lush ambient pads. From quirky, silly drum hits to rich pads and interface-like effects, the library focuses on modern sound design ala apps and games.

Shimmer comes with an easy to use interface with controls for attack, edge, release, filter resonance and cut right on the front.
Each preset can be loaded up in through key-switches as well as the built in pull down menu.

The library contains Soundiron‘s arpeggiator, FX Rack and convolution reverb with over 100 impulse responses to choose from.

All 463 samples from the library are also included as stereo wave files for easy drag and drop access into your DAW.


The library requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 and later.

Soundiron also offers the complete Juno VHS libraries bundle at a special discount which includes Crystal, Drip, Tape, Lo, Shudder and Shimmer all together in a single download. Bundle upgrades are available if you already own one or more of our other Juno VHS libraries.

The entire JUVOVHS Bundle sells for $159 (reg $234)

Shimmer is available for $39 from Soundiron


Demos of Shimmer by Soundiron

Videos of Shimmer by Soundiron