Checking Out: Rinascimento by Fluffy Audio


Conjuring visions of the Renaissance from Bavaria or Bohemia to the operas of Florentine, Rinascimento delivers a diverse collection of long lost medieval chamber instruments that are sure to add a bit of fantasy or history to many scores.

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Checking Out: Rinascimento by Fluffy Audio

Archlute Main Interface

With Rinascimento, Fluffy Audio offer up an amazing collection of rare and hitherto unsampled instrument rarities. Stringed instruments like the Theorbo, Gallichon and Vielle and Reed instruments such as the Crumhorns, the Dulciana and Bombarde are amongst but a few. There are also well-heeled favorites here like the requisite Recorders, Harpsichord, Hurdy Gurdy and Cornet.

At the time of posting Rinascimento was listed on special intro price of $249.

Rinascimento normally sells for $299 from Fluffy Audio


Articulation Controls

Clocking in at 29 GB Rinascimento contains 36 Renaissance and Medieval instruments (20 of which with true-legato) all sampled in 24bit / 48kHz Stereo with 3 Mic Positions in a “warm hall”. The three mic positions (Close , Mid and Far) allow for dialing in the right sound with each instrument and then if you are looking for a touch of Reverb, there are about twelve spaces that are provided that work really nicely for the sample set. Reverb can optimally be turned off.

Strumming Engine

The highlights for your humble reviewer include the Auto-Strummer for Lute instruments which is a surprisingly easy bit of coding to get some realistic strumming out of the diverse collection of medieval European lutes.

Contributor Brian Brylow had a few comments of his own on the library, finding “the sampling to be extremely well done for all of the instruments with care being taken to provide an exceptional Legato transition that is missing in some other world instrument libraries,Playing through the variety of recorders, I found the tone to be very genuine and life-like with the default settings, providing Sustain, Staccato and Vibratos that sound pure and natural. You can further refine it with tweaks to the Engine Accuracy, Humanization and Dynamic Range settings, In addition to that, you can also adjust the velocity curve via the sliders or draw your own on the screen. This is especially effective when stacking instruments to differentiate the subtle differences that would naturally occur with multiple players of the same instrument.”

does require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher.

At the time of posting Rinascimento was listed on special intro price of $249.

Rinascimento normally sells for $299 from Fluffy Audio


Demos of Rinascimento

Videos of Rinascimento