Checking Out: Palette Brush Pack 01 – Melodics by Red Room Audio


If you’re looking for an affordable set of orchestral tools or a shortcut to “get everything in the same room” I highly recommend you check out what Red Room Audio’s Palette line of orchestral instruments for Kontakt have to offer.

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Checking Out: Palette Symphonic Sketch Pad by Red Room Audio

Checking Out: Palette Bush Pack 01 Melodics

Checking Out: Palette Brush Pack 02 Orchestral FX 



Checking Out: Palette Brush Pack 02 RUNS & ARPS 

Checking Out: Palette Brush Pack 01 Melodics by Red Room Audio

It is very bold for a new developer to come on to the scene with 4 new orchestral sample libraries for Kontakt, but that is exactly how Red Room Audio has entered the game. The developer’s flagship libraries cover a very nice range of scoring tools with orchestral sections, legato instruments, orchestral effects, choirs, runs and even a nice set of trailer Brahms and synths.

Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad sells for $299 from Red Room Audio

At the time of posting it was listed at an intro price of $249 at Red Room Audio



I have had the betas of these library (and the other Palette libraries) on my hard drive for a couple weeks checking them out and working with them and even given some feedback to the developer.

This is one of 4 videos we will be posting sharing the what the entire Palette Orchestral libraries for Kontakt has to offer.

The first thing that stands out with the 4 Palette libraries (Symphonic Sketchpad, Melodics, Orchestral FX and RUNS & ARPS) is that all 4 libraries load into one Kontakt Player instrument making them easy to navigate and access.

The second thing that got me excited was that the Palette series of orchestral instruments were all recorded in the same room making them a very affordable solution for getting a complete set of orchestral instruments and tools that had sections including choirs, percussion a trailer tools instrument and, some main legato solo instruments

Purists might discard Palette as it doesn’t offer a complete orchestral lineup, instrument by instrument, instead, the developer focused on creating a complete toolkit based on ensembles, sections with legato solo instruments for the most common leads of the orchestra as well FX. RUNS, ARPS and even a Choir, the way many composers for media work these days with section and ensemble patches created for expression and playability.

I’ll post links here to the other Red Room Audio playthrough videos as they are released.



This will be updated soon but for now, see all details at Red Room Audio

Palette Brush Pack 01 Melodics sells for $299 from Red Room Audio



Demos of Palette Brush Pack 01 Melodics


Videos of Palette Brush Pack 01 Melodics