Checking Out: Unblown – Live Woodwind Horror & Tension FX by Fallout Music Group


Fallout Music Group destroys woodwinds with their signature sound design… and it rocks!

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Checking Out: Unblown by Fallout Music Group

Unblown is the latest library from Fallout Music Group, applying their signature sound design to live performances and samples of a variety of woodwind instruments.

Unblown normally sells for $109 from Fallout Music Group


Woodwinds are very often overlooked when it comes to hybrid styles of music- those genres tend to favor synths, strings, and brass over the woodwinds. If you’re someone who tends to shun the woods, this library will change your perspective!
Featuring a variety of samples and performances of woodwind instruments- bassoons, clarinets, flutes, saxes, Irish flutes, recorders… the list goes on. There’s a huge variety of melodic sounds to choose from, most falling into the aleatoric category (so you know going in- this isn’t a playable woodwind library with legato, etc).

Rips, clusters, squeals, overblown shrieks, low growls… it’s all here, and it sounds great. The built-in effects engine allows you to quickly add saturation, distortion, delay, and reverb.

The sounds come in three separate instrument files- Hits, Rhythms, and Risers. The hits are mapped across the keys with a variety of whoosh/transition effects- middle C triggers just the Hit, and the rest of the keys have cool transitions before the hit, which can be tuned and panned as you see fit- they also use 4 separate layers of sounds, so you can mix and match the sound sources as you see fit, instead of just relying on snapshots. Lots of flexibility here.

The Rhythms surprised me the most, as they’re super organic and can be delicate- think subtle taps, clicks, tick-tocks, knocks, etc, created by physically striking the instrument’s body. I love the sounds here, and the step sequencer is a joy to use. You can get great textures here by using these kinds of sounds over traditional percussion instruments!

The Risers are all set at 8 bars, which is my only minor complaint, as they can be quite long… but, regardless, they sound amazing, just like the rest of the instruments. These are very unnerving, filled with tension and PERFECT for horror scores and cues.


Retails for $109 full price.
Runs in Kontakt Player 6.7.1 or higher.
Installs at only around 2gb.
Three instruments- Hits, Rhythms, and Risers.
WAV files also included of all the designed and raw sounds as well as the snapshots/presets.

Unblown normally sells for $109 from Fallout Music Group


Demos of Unblown by Fallout Music Group

Videos of Unblown by Fallout Music Group