Checking Out: Lineage Percussion Pro by ProjectSAM


ProjectSAM aims to deliver “the last word” in orchestral percussion libraries. =

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Checking Out: Lineage Percussion Pro by ProjectSAM

Lineage Percussion is the new flagship percussion library from well-known developers ProjectSAM, replacing their previous (and beloved) library True Strike. Can it claim the top spot?

Lineage Percussion Pro normally sells for $439 from ProjectSAM


Lineage Percussion certainly is a hefty library making hefty claims. Most composers I know, when it comes to orchestral percussion, tend to buy one library and then leave it at that. Single percussion instruments, in general, are more simplistic to sample than, say, an entire string section playing in unison. With a percussion library, we’re usually hearing just one player striking one single note or instrument, which is a relatively basic task compared to capturing every nuance of the bow and dynamic expression of a violist, or every breath and accent of a woodwind or brass player. In order to buy a new orchestral percussion library, it really has to offer something new: a new room or hall, new playing styles, new features, new instruments, etc.

ProjectSAM has delivered a library that fully delivers on many fronts. The list of single instruments is exhaustive (70 in Pro, to be exact), many with multiple articulations (hits, rim, flams, tremolo, and rolls) and mallet types (or hands). Add multiple mic positions into the mix, (as well as pre-mixed mic option which gives you a fantastic, polished sound right out of the box with low resource consumption), and you have the foundation for the end-game orchestral percussion library.

Let’s talk about Lineage Percussion on that basis alone for a moment. The single instruments sound fantastic, with great depth of sampling and detail in the recordings. You get a great sense of the room balanced with a high level of detail from the instruments themselves, not too bright or piercing nor too reverberant or washy. The pre-mixed mic option sounds pretty darn good- A nice mic of detail and ambience as mentioned above, perfect for a cinematic, film-score sound right out of the box.

The mics themselves can completely alter the sound into a much more ambient, roomy sound, or a more close, intimate, semi-dry sound (you can still hear some reverb tail). One of my favorite features, however, is the “XY Stage” positioning tool, allowing you to place single instruments inside of the virtual space in a matter of seconds. It works seamlessly and sounds great, for both panning left to right as well as positioning front to back.

Using the pre-built kits or the kit builder (in Pro), you can load up or create your own ensembles, and place each instrument within the virtual space, all within one instance of Kontakt. This is a huge time saver for composers (like me) who usually use multiple VSTs for percussion instruments which are then routed to effects in the DAW for further panning or positioning- when you can load your entire orchestral percussion section into one single Kontakt instrument, and control everything from there, it’s a major time saver and can tidy up the workflow significantly, not to mention save on system resources. It’s all very slick and well thought-out, and very easy to use.

Finally, ProjectSAM has implemented their acclaimed Adaptive Time Sync feature into this library, as previously seen on libraries like Symphobia: Pandora and others. This means that when you want an articulation such as a roll that needs to hit, or peak, at a precise bar, you can have the perfect crescendo within seconds. Unlike some libraries that introduce some time-stretching artifacts when syncing to the DAWs tempo, Adaptive Time Sync seems to handle it differently, creating drum rolls, cymbal swells, glissandi and effects that sound just perfect, without having to ride CC01 or worry about lining up your crescendos to the grid after the fact- just select a time base and adjust the slider- it just works.

Lineage Percussion is a huge library and I can easily see it being the only orchestral percussion library someone may ever need. It sounds clean, cinematic, and very realistic, with a great dynamic range and some really “next-gen” features that work amazingly well. RAM and CPU use was all quite low and the instrument loaded very quickly and had a snappy interface. I would say ProjectSAM certainly did their homework and delivered an outstanding successor to the beloved True Strike.


Lineage Percussion retails for $439 (Pro) or $159 (Core), and runs in the Free Kontakt Player 6.6 or higher.
Core is 16gb while Pro is 101gb.

Lineage Percussion Pro normally sells for $439 from ProjectSAM


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