Checking Out: Evolution Flatwound Bass by Orange Tree Samples


Orange Tree Samples is back with a Big Fat surprise. The developer, known for their Guitar libraries, has released a Bass Guitar in their powerful Evolution Engine. With a deep sample set from a “P-Style” Bass guitar, this library delivers a versatile and rich tone that will be useful across a range of genres from Funk to Punk to Jazz to Motown and more.

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Checking Out: Evolution Flatwound Bass by Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Flatwound Bass Main Interface

Evolution Flatwound Bass was sampled from the classic tones of a “P-Style” Bass guitar. For those of you that don’t know Bass guitar lingo, the P-Style Bass was made popular with the Fender Precision Bass guitar, one of the most iconic electric bass guitars around.

For the recording session, engineer Guy Randle captured veteran session bassist for score and live gigs, Rob Honey.

Evolution Flatwound Bass comes housed in Orange Tree’s powerful Evolution guitar engine which allows users nearly unlimited customizable controls with an articulation mapping system, a great sounding effects collection, a numerous tone controls including pick position modeling and a wide range of great sounding presets.

Evolution Flatwound Bass sells for $179 from Orange Tree Samples



If you have seen my reviews of the any of the previous Evolution series guitars ( Strawberry, Modern Nylon, Rick 12, Steel String Acoustic ), then you know I am a fan of the Evolution engine libraries from Orange Tree Samples. I was thrilled to see the developer has added a bass guitar to the Evoliution line up with the Evolution Flatwound Bass. The P-Style bass is one of the most iconic electric bass guitars around and with flatwound strings, this will give playback a warm rich quality.

Evolution Flatwound Bass Preset Menu

As I checked out the instrument for the first time, I was pleased to hear just how versatile the tone and playback were from the supplied presets. Since the library is delivered with only one .nki, the presets are delivered as snapshots in a simple drop-down menu so it is quick and easy to jump between presets to check out some of the different timbres the instrument is capable of.

Evolution Flatwound Bass presets range in style from Vintage Rock, Funk, Jazz, Motown and R&B to Modern Rock and especially useful for underscore score. There is a tremendous span of sonic sculpting going on with the Evolution Engine and the diverse range of presets are a great way to hear the instruments classic range.

One note here is that there are not any real “hybrid” presets. Instead, the developer has focused on traditional bass sounds being replicated with the presets instead of opting for more effects driven or “out there” sonic sculpting. I find this perfectly acceptable but as you might have seen towards the end of my video (above) checking out the Evolution Flatwound Bass, I did try manipulating playback of the harmonics articulation with a heavy processed FX chain and started to get some very creative an inspiring results.

Evolution Flatwound Bass comes with a hefty collection of samples. Orange Tree has captured all of the articulations you would expect such as sustains, palm mutes, mutes, and natural harmonics both in fingerstyle and picked playing styles and have also gifted users with slaps, pops, and performance sounds like string slaps and slides which used together really can bring a performance to life. The bass was sampled with legato performances for slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs and also comes with articulations for instant octaves, grace notes, buzz trills and more.

Evolution Flatwound Bass Articulations Mapping

One of the BIG benefits to having a bass guitar in the Evolution engine is it’s powerful articulations mapping system. Each of the articulations can be mapped to Velocity Keyswitch but the way the engine is set up you have nearly unlimited options for ways to control articulation switching.

With the powerful mapping system, you can select various ways to switch or trigger articulations. You can use velocity ranges, MIDI CCs, latching, and non-latching keyswitches, select your own control info for triggering or even use the sustain pedal to switch articulations. This is the heart of what makes the Evolution engine so powerful for customization to your playback or programming needs and it works really well for a Bass guitar library.

Evolution Flatwound Bass Tone Controls Page

One of the key factors in getting such diverse playback from the Evolution Flatwound Bass is the Tone page. The Tone page contains a number of nice sounding effects including EQ, Reverb, Wah, Chorus, Distortion, and Amp and Cabinet Simulator. Flipping through the presets starts to showcase just how much the Tone controls can effect the signal and take the instrument into completely unexpected sonic territory.

Evolution Flatwound Bass Setup Page

The final page for controls is the SETUP page. This is where more magic happens when it comes to adding depth and realism to a performance using the library. The Setup page allows for instant Single, Double to Quad Tracking simulation as well as selection of Pick simulation controls with pick style, pick noise and the very powerful pick modeling controls.

As guitar players will tell you the position of the pick striking the strings can dramatically change the timbre of playback. The Pick modeling control do a great job of adjusting the performance sound from striking the string at the back of the instrument by the bridge to the front of the instrument towards the neck.

The SETUP page is also where you will find controls for Fret position selection, which can change the demeanor of playback as well as controls for controller response and setting for using the instrument with a MIDI guitar.

When I first heard OTS was sampling a Bass I was so excited to check out what they were up to.  Now that Evolution Flatwound Bass is out, I am thrilled they have chosen to release it in the Evolution engine. Not only am I familiar with the Evolution engine from using the guitar libraries, but the power and control.

I am loving the ease of getting realistic performances during playback from this library. I can spend time tweaking and getting new tones with all the effects and adjustments available, but for me, the real testament to the instrument is just how simple it is to create realistic bass performances.



Downloads as 2.8 GB (losslessly compressed from 6.3 GB) and was sampled from a P-Style Bass Guitar
The library is housed in Orange Tree’s Evolution Engine and contains a huge collection of articulations including sustains, palm mutes, harmonics, plus special effects like string slaps, slides and popping, as well as legato samples for slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.

Evolution Flatwound Bass is a Kontakt Player Instrument and is compatible with both FREE and full Kontakt 5.7

Evolution Flatwound Bass sells for $179 from Orange Tree Samples


Demos of Evolution® Flatwound Bass by Orange Tree Samples

Videos of Evolution® Flatwound Bass by Orange Tree Samples