Checking Out: Cabal 8 by Wavelet Audio


Wavelet Audio follow up their Senfine hit debut with the raw, metal power of Cabal 8. Deep sampled across all 8 strings + 24 frets, this guitar library for Kontakt is built for chunks, squeals, and shredding with amazing slide simulation functionality.

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Checking Out: Cabal 8 by Wavelet Audio

Cabal 8 Main Interface

After their debut release of Senfine, new developer Wavelet audio had set the bar pretty high. Though niche-focused, I found Senfine to be an easy use complete toolkit for cinematic atmospheric scoring of emotional rock, and ambient electronica, all with a spot-on cinematic edge.

For the sophomore release, Cabal 8, the developer dives headfirst into the heavy metal end of the sample pool.

Cabal 8 is a deep-sampled 8 string guitar library. The instrument delivers true samples from all 24 frets with samples for sustains, harmonics, tapping, palm mutes, FX noises and dead notes with the ability to jump articulations via keyswitch or with velocity sensitivity.

I have one main critique about the library that I will get out of the way upfront: legibility of the interface.

I get what the design and GUI are going for and think the overall feel, colors and pulsing pentagram animation and design are really cool, but the tiny white type on a black background is difficult to read and makes it hard to navigate the instrument. I also found no information on NKS compatibility.

There is an interface map (accessible with the upper left corner <?> button, but this also seems clumsily designed and compounded my confusion of the instrument GUI.

It could be just me, but I do not know where to look in this user guide and do not feel appropriately “guided” by it.

Cabal 8 GUI Guide

Cabal 8 comes with 3 nkis. A main .nki for Cabal 8 delivering the instrument direct, clean sample playback. The other 2 nkis deliver pre-process Hi-Gain & Crunch playback. Cabal 8 also comes with a download and license for Audio Assault’s Bulldozer virtual application plugin.

At the time of posting this review, Wavelet Audio has also released a lite version, Cabal 8 Elements. This instrument comes only with 2 pre-process Hi-Gain & Crunch nkis and normally sells for $69.

Cabal 8 Crunch and Hi-Gain nkis playback pre-processed samples.

Since the main NKI for Cabal 8 plays back with a direct, DI sample set, you would need to run your output signal it into virtual (or real) amplifier and cabinet emulations to get that super heavy distorted sound. This gives users the most flexibility for crafting a tone. Wavelet Audio thought this out in advance have included Audio Assault’s Bulldozer guitar amplifier plugin as well as 2 custom-designed presets for the effect.

There are also controls for tuning each string and ON/OFF for muting each string.

Cabal 8 comes with Audio Assult’s Bulldozer plugin.

Diving deeper into controls of the library there are several ways to customize playback.

Cabal 8 Mixer panel

The main Cabal 8 Kontakt preset comes with a mixer panel. Users can adjust controls for every string and articulation including mute, volume and equalization.

Cabal 8 Options Panel

Even more, controls are available in the main Cabal 8 Kontakt preset via the Options panel. Users can adjust double-tracking scrap noise, pick noise volume and more.

One of my very favorite things about the library is the programmed portamento slide algorithm that is triggered using pitch bend wheel. This took a couple of seconds to get used to, but the pitch wheel, in essence, will trigger very realistic cross fret glissandos from one fret to the next,  up and down an octave, each way with some great random slide noises that really add to the depth of playback.

In the checking out video above, I share a little mock-up I created learning about the library, as well as playback keyswitch programmed and velocity sensitivity articulations, triggered midi examples of  Cabal 8 in action.

Cabal 8 sells for $189 from Wavelet Audio

Cabal 8 Elements normally sells for $69.00 from Wavelet Audio



Cabal 8 downloads as 9.19 GB and is sampled from an 8 strings, 24 frets guitar recorded dry.

The library comes with 3 Kontakt presets Cabal 8 (Clean DI guitar) and both the Cabal 8: Elements presets – Crunch and Hi-Gain. The library also comes with a license code to download and use Audio Assult’s Bulldozer plugin and a collection of example midi files.

Cabal 8  requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.7.3 or higher.

Cabal 8 sells for $189 from Wavelet Audio

Cabal 8 Elements normally sells for $69.00 from Wavelet Audio


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