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Checking Out: Arpology by Sample Logic

When Sample Logic first released Arpology it was the developer’s most ambitious and largest instrument release to date.  This Kontakt player library also made a big splash as it was a worlds-first in implementing the programming of step arpeggiators and sequencing at this level for a Kontakt instrument. Fast forward 3 years since it’s release and we have seen hundreds of instruments utilizing the break-through engine technology developed for Arpology.

Arpology downloads as 5.4 GB and contains a very diverse sample set ranging from choirs, woodwinds, brass, strings, world, effects, field recordings, machinery, synths and more.

The easy to navigate ARP preset browser, as well as the all-on-the-main-interface controls, make creating or randomizing the Step Animator an opportunity for endless inspiration and rapid music making.

There are a lot of features and functionality including templates for TouchOSC. For more info check out the official videos on the deals page.

Arpology comes with just over 550 Instruments and Multis. The instruments contain the different sample sets and are divided into 3 main categories, Cinematic / Organic, Electronic / Effectual and Percussive. The Multis really show you the potential of the library layering several instruments for some glorious one note wonders and instant mood creation.

ARPOLOGY is a Kontakt Player Instrument and compatible with both the full and  FREE version of Kontakt 5.6.8+


For a limited time, you can save 75% Off Arpology and pick it up for $99 (reg $399.99)