Checking Out: Aquiver v1.1 by Rigid Audio


With a huge selection of sliced samples, easy to adjust parameters and automated controls, Aquiver v1.1 will expand your arsenal in new and unusual ways. Rigid Audio’s new custom granular synth engine for Kontakt comes with an intuitive interface and acts as a guiding light into the granular universe.

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Checking Out: Aquiver v1.1 by Rigid Audio

Aquiver v1.1 is a gateway into the granular universe . The library comes with a huge sound set (1000+) and is delivered in an easy to used custom interface for Kontakt For the library Rigid Audio created a custom granular engine designed for low CPU impact.

For those new to granular synthesis, it is a technique of playing back small fragments (grains) of samples. The algorithms used redistribute and reorganize sample playback with time-stretching and pitch-shifting independently to create playback of other sounds.

Aquiver’s interface contains a number of granular synth parameter controls including Flux, Spray, Smooth, Shift, Detune and transpose. The interface also allows access to some basic effects controls such as Filter, Flange, Phaser, Delay and Reverb.

All the controls and effects can be modulated in realtime and the knob movements can be recorded using the engines custom automation controls.

In this first look video, we play through a huge selection of the libraries presets to get a feel for what the instrument has to offer.

Aquiver v1.1 sells for $99.00 from Rigid Audio


Aquiver v1.1 is the first major update to Aquiver with a large amount of samples added. The library downloads as 4.04 GB and contains granular samples of strings, noises, sweeps, textures, atmospheres and soundscapes with presets categorized into chords, drones, guitars, pads, pianos, vocal fx and wind sounds.

Aquiver’s core sound comes from the samples being manipulated in real time in Rigid Audio’s Custom Granular Synth Engine created as a Kontakt instrument. Library highlights include Realtime Recording of Knob Movements, FX engine and a Unique lock switch.

Aquiver v1.1 does requires Full Version of KONTAKT 5.8.1+

Aquiver V1.1 update is free fr existing owners. Check your email for update information if you already own the library.

Aquiver v1.1 sells for $99.00 from Rigid Audio


Demos of Aquiver v1.1 by Rigid Audio

Videos of Aquiver v1.1 by Rigid Audio