Checking Out: Oceania by Performance Samples


Oceania supplies a great sounding sample set in a straight forward interface. Rather than trying to be a complete phrase builder, Performace Samples has focused and excelled at creating a powerful choral library that allows users to work quickly and offers just enough flexibility to craft your chosen syllable intent.

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Checking Out: Oceania by Performance Samples

Oceania is the first commercial release from developer Performance Samples which is headed by composer Jasper Blunk. Performance Samples had previously released some simple yet very powerful freebies that many composers like myself work into their music regularly.

Jasper’s track record delivering music for Trailer and TV Spots would make many a composer envious and with that experience, he has crafted a great sounding library that will have you composing choral lines in record speed.

The developer had previously completed a bespoke private choir library and lucky for us, took all of the experienced gained to from that project to create Oceania. For the sample set Performance Samples recorded a 48-person choir with separate sessions for 24 female singers and 24 male singers with close and hall microphone.

Oceania sells for $269 from Performance Samples



Downloading the instrument was simple as the developer has opted for using Connect by Continuata. After receiving your serial number you paste in the code into the free Connect app, point it to a destination drive and it handles all the rest (downloading and uncompressing files).

At first, what stands out is that Oceania is a very plain interface. It uses that standard buttons we used to see so often in older Kontakt libraries. A few notes of playback and the lack of design in the interface is all forgiven,

What we have here with Oceania is a top-tier sample set that can deliver a wide range of amazing sounding playback.

Oceania comes with 10 syllables/articulations that can be selected via orange keyswitches at the bottom of the keyboard. The secret to this library’s speedy workflow is the playback of non-legato notes automatic cycling through syllables in a preset order. This allows for quickly building a line and having the library create constant changes from one note to the next.


Note that you can specify and override this cycling through the syllables by selecting the latch key switches during playback. Also, playing legato will extend the current syllable articulation.

The presets are organized with a Men, Women, Men Shout, Men Rise and the most useful of them all, the All Sections – QuickStart Octave Doubling multi-patch.

Another standout I want to mention here is that on the developer’s website they have a list of “libraries limitations”.

This is the first I have seen of a developer openly sharing the constraints of the library. As someone who sees dozens of new libraries every month, I have come to accept that no music software is perfect and there are always limitations if not outright problems depending on a users approach and needs.

Listed Library Limitations from the official Oceania page
• The sustain pedal doesn’t work to sustain notes in Oceania – it solely functions to trigger “-s” releases (when in the correct mode).
• Don’t overlap repeating notes – it will trigger the previous notes’ release, not the current notes’ release.
• If you happen to solo a mic position and then save the patch, when you re-open it, the muted mic’s vol. knob will display “-inf” (regardless of its actual vol.), even if you un-solo the other mic. Simply double-click the “-inf” knob while holding shift in order to accurately display the value.

All in all, this is a no-nonsense library that delivers big time. It obviously benefits from all the composing and development experience of its creator. All though purists and those wanting to sculpt phrases from syllables of their own choosing may be put off at first, this is exactly the kind of powerful, well thought out tool built to deliver great sounding performances quickly.

Oceania sells for $269 from Performance Samples



Oceania downloads as 2.08GB and has a sample set of 48-person choir (24 women / 24 men – recorded separately)
The library is focus on syllable cohesion, playability, and energy with 10 syllables/articulations and 3 different types of release samples (short, long, “s”).

Library was recorded in a hall with 2 mic positions (close and far) at 48kHz / 24bit and does require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.1+ or higher.

Oceania sells for $269 from Performance Samples


Demos of Oceania by Performance Samples

Videos of Oceania by Performance Samples