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This library was featured in the 5 UNDER Ethnic Tools: Ethnic and World Sample Libraries

Don’t let the Indiana Jones font on this instrument fool you, Kalimba Shakti De contains a great sample set with over 20 sound designed presets. So much more than just a thumb piano refreshing and a pleasure to play.

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Kalimba Shakti De sells for $29 from SoundCues


I have been wanting to share this one for a while now. Kalimba Shakti De is a unique set of 23 creatively sculpted instrument for Kontakt. The presets range from natural playback of the 3 different thumb pianos sampled for the library to pads, “trippy” sculpted instruments, instruments that play back the samples reversed and surprisingly fun portamento set of instruments.

The sound quality is great with punch, clarity and a really nice intimacy on the natural sample instruments. For a thumb piano library, I was very surprised at how inspiring it was to play through the instruments. I found the Kalimba Shakti De library to be refreshing to work with after reviewing dozens of “hybrid-multi-core-mutli-effects-chain” instruments over the last couple months!


Kalimba Shakti De Arpeggiator Panel

The instruments samples are mapped across a minimum of two octaveswith 3 dynamic layers, 2 mic selections, and 5x round robin playback. The instruments contain an arpeggiator, a chord maker , and Portamento Controls for expanded playability.


Kalimba Shakti De was created from sampling 3 Kalimbas also known as Thumb Pianos (including a Bass Kalimba called a Marimbula) sampled in stereo at 24bit/48k with 3 dynamic layers and 5 round robins.
The kontakt presets contain instruments with Natural playback of the samples as well as designed Pads, Reversed presets, Portamento presets and more with a total of 23 kontakt instrument.

The instrument includes controls for effecting an manipulating the sounds as well as an arpeggiator and a chord maker.

Kalimba Shakti De sells for $29 from SoundCues

Official Demos of Kalimba Shakti De by SoundCues