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Checking Out: Galaxy X by Best Service

Galaxy X is a convolution synthesizer instrument that contains over 15GB of course samples. The 1400 convolution “X-Files” and 1000 instrument layers are divided up among 3 separate instrument categories:

Galaxy X-FX (sound effect, impacts textures and more)
Galaxy X-KEYS (tone playable instruments)
Galaxy X-LOOPS (thousands of loops)

This library has a very large range of output as each of the samples can be effected with the selected “X-File” which generate it’s convolution synthesis. Ranging from Impacts, Rhythms, tonally playable keyboard like instruments, loops, effects, cinematic soundscapes, textures, ambiences, drones, reversed sounds and more, this library has a massive amount of possibilities.

Galaxy X by Best Service was on a special promotional price of €82 (reg €232) from VSTBuzz at the time of posting.

The libraries normally are available from Best Service