Checking Out: Funk Force 5 by VIBE


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Checking Out: Funk Force 5 by VIBE

Funk Force 5 by VIBE available from Big Fish Audio


Fonk Force 5 is a set of song/construction kits inspired by soundtracks of the 70s. It oozes cop shows theme songs and Blacksploitation movies score like Shaft, Superfly or Starsky and Hutch. The instrument is loop based with funky wah-wah guitars,
drums, basslines, horns, flutes and percussion of the era (think Marvin Gaye style bongos) and what-not.

The loops playback using Kontakt‘s ability to automatically times stretched they line right up with your host tempo’s DAW. It’s super easy and fun to work with the instrument and the music you hear in the opening of the Time Travel Tools video was made using one construction kit and 5 minutes of my time.

Funk Force 5 contain 15 song kits of varying tempos and slightly different styles.

FINAL WORDS: Instant FUN and instant funky. Purists beware this is a loop-based construction kit.


compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4+

Funk Force 5 by VIBE available from Big Fish Audio


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