Checking Out: Ether Fields Expansion for Falcon by UVI


Simon Stockhausen’s Ether Fields Expansion has my full attention! This collection of cinematic presets are ethereal and ambiguous in the best possible way.

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Checking Out: Ether Fields Expansion for Falcon by UVI

As I stated in my review, this is the first time I have played with the Falcon engine. I think diving into Falcon with the Ether Fields Expansion was a great idea. Falcon can be a bit intimidating and I am going to need to spend some serious time with the engine to get a handle on using it to it’s potential.

The Ether Fields Expansion comes with a nice collection of 100 presets with Macro controls. These Macros make jumping in and manipulating and altering the sounds of the presets very easy – and seems like a great place to get started using the Falcon engine!

The Macros are linked to different effects and parameters inside the engine so they have a dozen or so knobs to tweak and explore sound variations.

Falcon is a hybrid synthesizer, with virtual analog and FM synthesis types, as well as containing wavetable, phase distortion
and physical modeling. Using the Pluck oscillator, the Ether Fields Expansion presets span a wide variety of tones and timbres.

The Ether Fields Expansion presets have been created by Simon Stockhausen and were inspired by “Space and Time”. The majority of the presets have a very cinematic quality to them and are ambiguous in character, which is a big plus in my book as often I find “synthy” sounding instruments often sound too artificial for my ears, and if I can quote Charlie Clouser, “like R2D2 just came in the room” (see 3 Things I learned from Charlie Clouser here)

Playing through the presets I found them lush and expansive and the Macros give users the ability to do some morphing and effecting of the playback in ways that will let the sounds breathe and expand.

Ether Fields Expansion for Falcon sells for $39 from UVI




Ether Fields is an expansion by Simon Stockhauen for Falcon. The expansion downloads as 1.3 GB and contains 100 masterfully designed presets of atmospheric pads, lush and evolving soundscapes and haunting tones.
It does require UVI‘s Falcon version 1.2.0+ .

Ether Fields Expansion for Falcon sells for $39 from UVI


Demos of Ether Fields

Videos of Ether Fields