Checking Out: Emulation II by UVI


Emulation II provides a wealth of the original sounds available to get your 80’s on! Inspired by the top-sampler of the 80s (the Emulator II) the instruments 300 presets (plus dedicated drum machine) is sure to do wonders for many a retro score.

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Checking Out: Emulation II by UVI

Every introduction to the Emulator II starts with the classic reference to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This may have been the awakening to the public consciousness but musicians everywhere were flocking to this latest incarnation. Emulator II is the sound of the eighties – everyone who was anyone from Tangerine Dream Paul McCartney David Bowie and the Pet Shop Boys were purveyors the sound of this classic sampler.

The Emulator II was the height of sampling at the time, offering a mere 8-bit sound with a floppy disk to add new sounds.

Emulator II original hardware. Photo from Vintage Synth Explorer


UVI were the first company to bring to market the classic sounds of the Emulator II in not only a rather comprehensive library bur one free of the limitations of past technology. This Library includes a bonus drum sampler with an additional 500 sounds to compliment the over 300 presets included from the original unit. Some of the standouts here are the familiar layout of the interface controls, along with Stereo Spread control. Modwheel controller for Tremolo, Vibrato and Filter. There is also a separate FX section for Phaser, Delay, Reverb and Bitcrush along with depth control and Amplitude and Filter control ADSRs.

While it is not the most comprehensive library that has been released to date, it provides a more than satisfactory introduction to the Emulator II and provides a wealth of the original sounds available to get your 80’s on with. The samples may be old, but they stand up surprisingly well!.

All the classic sounds are here but the standouts are the bells. mallet sounds, choirs, strings and synths. if you will be doing any 80’s/retro synth scoring I recommend checking out the official videos and demos as this instrument has already found a way into the retro score I am working on.

The bonus Drumlation instrument included with Emulation has a great set of sounds and sequencing capability and is spot-on to get that 12-bit 80’s drum sequencer sound.

The instrument requires either UVI Workstation or Falcon. You can get the UVI Workstation sample player for free (and I recommend you download the latest version here)

Emulation II by UVI normally sells or €149.00


 Demos of Emulation II by UVI