Checking Out Indie Dobro by Dream Audio Tools


There’s something I find magical about a resonator guitars. Dream Audio Tools’ new Indie Dobro delivers some playable instrument articulations, patterns and of course, some of those tasty dobro slides, all at a very low price point.

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At the time of posting Indie Dobro is on sale with an intro price of €14.90 (reg €19.90 )


Checking Out Indie Dobro by Dream Audio Tools

South sells for €14.90 from Dream Audio Tools

Dream Audio Tools has released the new Indie Dobro. The library captures a Resonator Guitar with all the raw and unpolished character that makes the instrument shine. Indie Dobro features fully playable patterns, sustained notes and double stops, slide-to-note, harmonics, bottleneck single tones and chords plus a nice selection of body hits and bottleneck noises.

I could criticize the instrument not having an arpeggiator or more deep samples, but at this low price it is hard to be that critical.

You can pick up Indie Dobro for the special intro price of €14.90 (reg €19.90) from Dream Audio Tools


Official Demos of Indie Dobro by Dream Audio Tools