Checking Out Diamond Symphony Orchestra by Kirk Hunter Studios



Diamond Symphony Orchestra’s features & scripting really “shine” while a few instruments could use some “polish”.

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At time of posting Diamond Symphony Orchestra was on Sale for 78% OFF
for only €99.99 at VSTBuzz


Checking Out Diamond Symphony Orchestra

Diamond Symphony Orchestra normally sells for €499.99 from Kirk Hunter Studios


After I got over the hurdle of downloading this 80GB collection of Orchestral instruments (one zip file at a time!!) I was pleasantly surprised playing the extended articulations and alternating different divisi options with key switches! I would have loved to have had the key switches color coded as there is a lot to control on the keyboard and that would have helped guide me.

At the sales price offer this is an amazing deal to get a complete orchestral library and recommended for beginners looking for an entry instrument or those wanting to get into an symphonic writing. I also think this library can be useful for those of us pro composers who love to blend and mix orchestral instruments.

I’ll write more thoughts and try to summarize the “Checking Out” video in the next day or 2 if I can work it into my schedule.

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Official Demos of Diamond Symphony Orchestra

Official Videos of Diamond Symphony Orchestra