Checking out: Cuíca from Muletone Audio


This library was featured in the 5 UNDER Ethnic Tools: Ethnic and World Sample Libraries

If you have searched for that “monkey drum” sound with no luck – Muletone audio have answered your prayers with 2 Cuíca instruments with plenty of round robins for expressive playback and plenty as well as loops.

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Checking out: Cuíca from Muletone Audio

Cuíca sells for $29 from Muletone Audio



Cuíca was created by sampling 2 cuícas with very different, distinct sound. For the samples the Cuícas were played by Brazilian percussionist Luciano “Cuíca Play” (Simoninha / G.R.E.S. São Clemente – Rio de Janeiro).

The instrument contains what muletone audio call “presice” effects with each instrumets effects currated with easy to control knobs on the front of the instrument.
The samples for the Cuíca libraries were recorded at 24b/44.1k with each instrument is recorded dry.
Cuíca requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher

Cuíca sells for $29 from Muletone Audio

Official Demos of Cuíca from Muletone Audio

Official Videos of Cuíca from Muletone Audio