Checking Out: Celestial Voices “Ceres” by Auddict


Creating a convincing solo vocal library is no easy feat but Auddict seems to have captured a special exotic expressiveness and passion in Celestial Voices Ceres.

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At the time of posting the library is on sale for 50% off from Auddict


Celestial Voices “Ceres” by Auddict


Auddict’s Ceres promises “Ethereal, soaring, spiritual solo female vocals” and delivers just that. Creating a convincing solo vocal library is no easy feat but Auddict seems to have captured expressiveness and passion in Ceres with some very well selected phrases, turns bends and more.

Now the instrument does have some limitations with playback that will pull the listener out of the illusion of a real performer from time to time, but after working with and reviewing the library I think this multi-sampled vocal instrument can deliver some very convincing performances when you play to it’s strengths and once it is mixed among an ensembles.

The sample set for the library was created by recording the vocals of singer, Tanya Wells. Tanya, who has studied Indian classical music, brought her wonderful Indian vocal performance techniques to the recording sessions. Auddict captured much of the singer’s personal style and tone and has designed a very easy to use yet expressive instrument.

The instruments well thought out articulation and keyswitching functionality make it easy to craft lifelike phrases and the addition of controls for vibrato are very welcome. The added “EQ” controls of Chest, Presence and Air really allow you to sculpt the sound to help it fit right into the mix the way you want it.


Sure, the library has it’s flaws that might make a composer need to work around an envisioned performance and opt for playing to the strengths of the library and stick to playback of the instrument that will be the most convincing, but I am confident Ceres will work wonders for composer looking to add a bit of exotic flair or intrigue to their ambient, epic or even ethnic music work.

Celestial Voices “Ceres” sells for £90.00 from Auddict





Celestial Voices – Ceres

Celestial Voices – Ceres