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Checking Out: bx_console G by Brainworx

If you have been looking for a way to add some of that large-format analog console sound to your virtual instrument or project studio mixes, Brainworx has a treat for you. The bx_console G is a 72-channel emulation of the legendary British G Series mixing console used on countless hit records. In order to get that precision sound, the Brainworx mixing-console emulation like bx_console G use the developer’s Tolerance Modeling Technology which promises to reproduce a three-dimensional analog sound inside your DAW.

bx_console G sells for $299 from Brainworx



When I first heard what Dirk Ulrich and the Brainworx crew were doing with this series of “console” emulations I knew this was something I really needed to check out. When I got an opportunity to demo the bx_console G, a full console emution of an SSL 4000 G-series mixing board I couldn’t wait to hear how the plugin worked.

You might be asking yourself, “why would Don be interested in reviewing a channel strip emulation plugin?”

First, because this isn’t just a channel strip plugin, it’s like having 72 individual channel strip plugins. (more on that later)

And the second reason? I think Dirk Ulrich, owner of Brainworx and Plugin Alliance sums it up best.

“This is the console that has mixed more hits than any other consoles combined together.”
Dirk Ulrich, owner of Brainworx and Plugin Alliance

Students of my online course and anyone who has seen my template knows an SSL channel strip is an essential part of my setup so you can see how I would be over the moon when you understand the details of what Brainworx are providing with the bx_console G.

Unlike other channel strip emulations, the developer has set out to create emulations of every channel of the 72 channels on the board. Prior emulations of these classic boards have “averaged” out the sound of all the channels and distilled it down to one single channel strip profile which you would use on all your tracks.

With the approach from Brainworx, this is big news when you think about the subtle aural difference of each of the channels caused by slight variations of physical circuitry, and the variation and idocircisies of each of the 72 channels. Not only does the bx_console line promise to deliver state-of-the-art channel strip modeling, but do so with 72 different channel profiles.

I was thrilled to get a chance to demo it check it out on a couple real-world projects and see what the plugin had to offer. You can too as the developer offers a 14 day trial of any of the bx_console plugins.

After spending a couple days getting to know the the bx_console G, I have to say I am really loving what this plugin offers. By just adding it to each of my tracks, even without utilizing the effects or EQ, it seems to add a bit of clarity and life to everything.

Digging in deeper and utilizing the channel strip is a real joy. The compressor and EQ react the way the best mixing boards I have used react, with subtle but powerful control.

I’ll be adding it to both my pop/rock template as well as my hybrid orchestral template as I feel it is adding a little bit of air, life and magic to my virtual instrument track mixes.

There is a lot more to take in with what the bx_console G has to offer so be sure to check out the official developer videos and other review videos of the software below that we have found from around the web.



The bx_console G by Brainworx is an SSL 4000 G Channel Emulation plugin delivered as AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2 & VST3. The emulations were taken from all 72 individual channels of the legendary British G Series mixing console.

See all details at the official page.

bx_console G sells for $299 from Brainworx


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