Checking Out Broadway Lites by Fable Sounds (currently 78% OFF)


This set of band instruments is well thought out with plenty of articulation and is so well scripted that when I first heard the demos I thought it was a phrase library!

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Broadway Lites is a featured VSTBuzz deal at 78% Off


Checking Out Broadway Lites by Fable Sounds

I usually steer clear of using small band instrument libraries as I just never have heard any that sounded convincing – but Broadway Lites has made me rethink that stance. This great set of saxophones and brass is well thought out with plenty of articulations and the engine has the leans toward the kind of “playable” instrument we all dream of.

Broadway Lites is available for $499.99 from Fable Sounds


I usually get an email or 2 every time a new VSTBuzz deal comes out. But since this one went live last week I have gotten a more than usual. Now, full disclosure, VSTBuzz is one of SLR’s partners and they do help us keep the website running and cover some of the costs of creating our videos and posts. UPDATE: the Broadway Lites VSTBuzz deal expired on 8/1/2016

The library downloads as 15GB contains 20,000 samples and is divided into Brass and Reed Instruments: Bb Clarinet
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Trombone, Bb Trumpet and Bb Trumpet with Harmon Mute.
Each of these instrument folders contains 2 kontakt instruments one for legato and one for poly playback.

The instruments contain multiple articulations including: falls, flutters, various styles of vibrato, growls, grace notes, smear notes with the brass having keyswitches for different plunger mute articulations.

I love how the instruments are consistent in the articulation keyswitch positions, C#0 always is Staccatissimo, D#0 always Staccato etc, making it easy to perform from one instrument to the next.

The added  keyswitch for turning vibrato on or off with different vibrato styles per section really make these instruments easy to play convincing lines.

For velocity and dynamics you have 2 options: use midi control or use both midi and the modwheel. I have a tendency to want to use the modwheel and fond that the velocity crossfading was a little temperamental jumping a little at times. It would have been nice to see this be a smoother shift in dynamics. As a composer who will rarely (if ever) use the library live I was able to forgive this as most of my midi will be carefully sculpted to get a final performance.

The inclusion of shakes, falls, grace notes and smear notes (lipping up) really shine when playing the parts and adding realism to the performances.


Broadway Lites comes with the following instruments:
Bb Clarinet
Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Bb Trumpet
Bb Trumpet with Harmon Mute
Tenor Trombone

Each instrument has 2 kontakt instruments: Legato and Polyphonic.

Compatible with the free  and full versions of Native Instruments Kontak. The library weighs in at15 GB with 20,000 samples of audio at  24bit / 44.1khz.

Boradway Lites contains real note-transition samples, including legatos, glissandos, etc. Velocity can be controlled by either the morphing with the mod-wheel for crescendos and diminuendos or through MIDI cc’s.

You can save/load snapshots to lock performance settings as welll as dump & reload articulations of instruments right from the player´s interface, to optimize memory usage.

Broadway Lites  is available for $499.99 from Fable Sounds


Post originally Published July 12, 2016


Demos of Broadway Lites

Videos of Broadway Lites