Checking Out: Bohemian Violin EXP1 from VirHarmonic


The long-awaited first expansion to VirHarmonic’s Bohemian Violin extends the kind of out-of-the-box performances we experienced with the first release. This is the kind of boundary-pushing virtual instrument we were all dreaming of.

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Bohemian Violin sells for €199 from VirHarmonic


I reviewed the original version of the Bohemian Violin back in February 2016. At the time the developer had blown a lot of the composing world away with an instrument that performs extremely detailed playback right out-of-the-box. The planned expansion was originally set for release in May 2016, but users were left in anticipation until March 2017 to get the first of the 4 expansions promised by the developer.

The biggest addition in the expansion is that of additional articulations, bow control and “Moods”. The “Moods” though subtle, will make a big difference in programming more expressive lines. To my ears the Improv style is seemly similar to the original library playback but the Czards Mood contains a bite of attack and the Emotive contains an expressive vibrato a little after the note is held.

The other big highlight here for me was the addition of the bow key-switchable controls. The Bow control adds audible bow changes at quarter, half, whole-note or change for every note that adds depth of realism to the solo instrument that until just the last year has been a dream for many of us composing with virtual instruments.

At the time of posting the EXP1 was on special intro price of €149 for a limited time before returning to €`199. With at least 2 planned expansions on the horizon (included for free if you buy into the instrument) this is a great time to look into it the demos and official videos below to see if it is right for you.

There is a lot to LOVE about Bohemian Violin (yep with all caps) and I won’t mind any delays of future expansions from VirHramonic as I trust they will be adding more magic to this gem!


Bohemian Violin EXP1 is a Solo Violin library using VirHarmonic’s Virtual Performer ™ engine inside of the free UVI Workstation 2.6.4+.
Library has 2 available options, one for 18 GB at 96khz-24bit and a  4.6 GB at 48khz-16bit.

Library contains 32000+ Unique Samples including living Dynamics, multiple true legatos and is sampled in mid-side stereo.
VirHarmonics description says the instrument doesn’t requires an iLok Dongle

Bohemian Violin sells for €199 from VirHarmonic


Official Bohemian Violin Demos

Official Bohemian Violin