Checking Out Bohemian by Sample Logic


World, Street and Ethnic Instruments collide in this huge hybrid instrument. The 800+ presets range from pure samples of traditional percussion and melodic instruments to impacts and atmospheres to the amazingly inspiring Multis.

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Checking Out Bohemian by Sample Logic

Bohemian sells for $299.99 from Sample Logic


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened up Bohemian but with in a few minutes of flipping through some presets I was inspired and even started writing. If you watched the video above I mentioned that while I was checking out the Bohemian Multis I saved about 7 sketches that I want to revisit and write with.


Bohemian Real Time Effects Interface

Bohemian’s 800+ nkis will keep you busy exploring and discovering the sounds. I really like that there are so many organic, natural timbres in this library like Bells, Didgeridoo, Hang Drums, Harmonic Tubes and Tongue Drums.

There are also a few instruments I was unfamiliar with like the Garapatos & Moon Dust. The instruments have been sampled with all kinds of playable articulations and that really shines in the bowed cymbal and Didgeridoo and Hang Drum instruments. There are lots of traditional percussion included as well that are very nice.


Bohemian lets you transform samples with 8 effects as well as effects Triggers, Wave, and LFOs


The clarity in the raw instruments is wonderful. For the sample sets Sample Logic recorded with 10 microphone positions in world famous Skywalker Studios.

First thing to surprise me was the unique, very airy and organic atmospheres, impacts and stings.

The first thing that surprised me while flipping through the presets was how open, airy and organic the atmospheres, impacts and stings are.  I guess the key is all the ethnic/world sample sources being transformed, morphed sequenced and manipulated for the expanded presets.


Bohemian contains a step sequence animator for effects, arpeggios and rhythms

While checking out Bohemian I wondered “Is this the secret weapon the Far Cry team used for all their scores?”

There was nothing glaringly problematic with the instrument so you can see how I would recommend composers working in world genres or world/hybrid scores consider adding Bohemian to their arsenal. I think many musicians looking to infuse some cinematic world sounds will get a lot of use as well as inspiration out of Bohemian as well.

Bohemian is a massive collection of sounds and instruments that push ethnic/world samples in a direction I have not previously explored. That alone is exciting. In my checking out video I really just scratched the surface of this massive collection of samples and instruments. Check out the demos and Videos below to learn more about Bohemian.


Bohemian comes with over 800+ Instruments and Multis recorded and processed at 48k/24-bit, delivered at 44.1k/24-bit.
It downloads as just under 9GB using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression.
Bohemian is a Kontakt 5 Player instrument and compatible with both the full and free version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Bohemian  sells for $299.99 from Sample Logic


Official Demos of Bohemian

Official Demos of Bohemian