UPDATED: Checking Out Auddict’s Master Brass and comparing it to other Brass Libraries


New comparison video added “Laienhaft Audio: Brass Comparison” by Thorsten Meyer

Additional comparisons video added using the Cinebrass library by SampleSpotlight (below)


Every weeks I get a few emails asking “Should I buy the latest VST buzz deal?”

This is a nearly unanswerable question. Not only do taste in timbres differ and also whether a library will serve you best is widely based on what other libraries you have and what genres you most work in.

This week I decided to answer the question in a different way. I don’t have time this week to do a full review of Auddict’s Master Brass collection so instead I put together some comparisons of the Master Brass libraries (Trumpets, Trombones, Octohorn & Tuba)  playing the same line as several other libraries.

Now I don’t have some of the more popular libraries that I would’ve loved it compare. I don’t have a copy of Cinesample Cinebrass or any of Spitfire‘s BLM Brass. But luckily Samplespotlight’s Chris Harris stepped up and continued the comparison with those libraries (see bleow)

So for the video comparison I looked through the brass ensemble libraries that I had that were in similar price ranges or ones I know many composers will have. I ended up comparing the Master Brass collection with Soundiron/Native Instruments Symphony Series Brass, Bravura Scoring Brass by Impact Soundworks the VSL Brass included in with the full version of Kontakt as well as one of my old favorites the Project Sam Orchestral Brass Classic.

I do you own a copy of Hollywood Brass by East West but unfortunately I have not been able to get it to accept my PLAY license for several months now even after several emails back and forth with Eastwest customer support.

I only approached the top 3 ways that I use brass: French Horn legato, Trombone staccato and Trumpet lead lines. I can’t say that this comparison is apples to apples and I acknowledge that the comparison is made with minimal custom midi tweaking for each library. There is little commentary comparing the libraries on depth of articulations, usability and what is included as I was pretty short on time. Instead focused on just showcasing what the performance was like out of the box.

So if you have been wondering “Should I but the Master Brass deal while it is 75% off?” Take a look at the video (as well as the demos and official videos below to see if this library might be something that’s a good expansion for your kit.

I personally think I will get a lot of use out of these instruments and it is an absolute steal at 75% off (offer good till August 17, 2016)


Sample Spotlight’s Comparison Video

Laienhaft Audio: Brass Comparison by Thorsten Meyer

Thanks to Thorsten Meyer for sharing his comparison video!


Libraries shown in the video

Symphony Series Brass by Soundiron/Native Instruments

Bravura Scoring Brass by Impact Soundworks

Orchestral Brass Classic by Project SAM

VSL Brass included in the full version of Kontakt


Full disclosure: VSTBuzz is one of Sample Library Review’s supporters so if you want more info on the library or are going to make a purchase please use our link as this will help us to continue to create more posts and videos like this for you.


Auddict Master Brass – Introduction

Auddict MASTER BRASS – Trumpets (Inside Look)

OCTOHORN – Inside Video #1 (Kontakt French Horn Library)

Kontakt MASTER BRASS: Trombones – Naked Walkthrough

Auddict MASTER BRASS – Tubas (Inside Look)