Checking Out: Ancient ERA Persia by Eduardo Tarilonte


In this first look, we dive into Eduardo Tarilonte’s latest library, Ancient ERA Persia. With great sounding, multi-sampled instruments, loops, phrases and soundscapes from the Middle East, this collection plays back with next-level realism and life.

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Checking Out: Ancient ERA Persia by Eduardo Tarilonte

In this first look video, I spent some time playing through developer extraordinaire Eduardo Tarilonte ‘s latest library, Ancient ERA Persia. AEP contains a deep-sampled and extensive collection of articulations, loops, phrases and soundscapes created from sampling familiar and not-so-familiar instruments from the Middle East.

The library contains Eduardo’s complete Desert Winds instruments and adds 16 GBs and an additional 22 multi-sampled instruments bringing the total of playable patches up to 28.

Checking Out the instruments I really was impressed. For the mutli-sampled instruments, playback is crisp and clear with plenty of impacts and low end. Each of the instruments seem to contain that added human quality of finger slides, breaths, and touch that add a beautiful level of realism to playback of the great collections of legato, glissando, trills and ornamentation articulations.

Handy micro-tuning presets are included to push that ethnic sound, as well as a little panel with an image and information summarizing the history of the instrument for those like myself without an Ethnomusicology degree in instruments of the middle east.

The library contains over 1000 percussive loops, set at different tempos and time signatures, and instrument phrases that sound like Eduardo has been recording local players in the Pyramids for the last 2 years. NoTarilonte library would be complete without a vast set of Soundscapes with different options for layering morphing.

The only thing I felt I was missing were vocal samples as the demo prominently features a beautiful vocal part. I will be investigating to find out just which of Tarilonte’s vocal libraries were used for the “Gods of Persia” demo used in the trailer video (below).

Ancient ERA Persia sells for $249 from Best Service

Existing owners of Desert Winds check your email or Best Service account for upgrade options.




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