Best of 2022 – Sample Library Review’s Virtual Instrument Awards


This show is sponsored by Realitone, whose new release, Nightfall – Hybrid Strings is being called “One of the most exciting new products to come out in recent years” by Synth and Software, while Sample Library Review calls it “a fantastic library in every way.” Now available on Kontakt Player and intro priced at just $129. ($199 list.)

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Sample Library, Virtual Instruments, and Plug-ins Year in Review / Best of 2022 Awards


BEST Ensemble Orchestral Virtual Instruments released of 2022
Metropolis Ark Ø by Orchestral Tools – 
►Review Metropolis Ark Ø –

Augmented Orchestra by UVI
►Review Augmented Orchestra –

Synchron Prime Edition by Vienna Symphonic Library
►Review Synchron Prime Edition –


BEST SOUND DESIGN in a Virtual Instrument released of 2022

Cello Textures by Emergence Audio
► Review Cello Textures –

Bloom by Naroth Audio –
►Review Bloom –

Time Textures by Sonuscore

►Review Time Textures –

UAP by Have Audio –
►Review UAP –

Drones by Orchestral Tools –
► Review Drones –

PlayBox by Native Instruments
► Review PlayBox –


BEST World/Ethnic Virtual Instruments released of 2022
Celtic Era 2 by Best Service/Eduardo Tarilonte –
► Review Celtic Era 2 –

Nørdic Cello by Have Audio
► Review Nørdic Cello –

Hearth and Hollow Plucked Folk Ensemble –
► Review Hearth and Hollow Plucked Folk Ensemble –

Ample China Erhu by Ample Sound –
► Reveiw Ample China Erhu –

LORES by Native Instruments –
► Review  – LORES



BEST BRASS Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Hyperion Brass Mirco –
► Review

Fluid Brass by Audio Imperia –
► Review

Muted Brass by Orchestral Tools –

Solo Brass Untamed by Westwood Instruments –
► Review Solo Brass Untamed –



BEST Piano / Keyboard Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Lo-Fi Keys by Karanyi Sounds –

Originals Intimate Grand Piano by Spitfire Audio –

PIANOTEQ 8 by Modartt –

Chroma Grand Piano by Sonuscore –
►Review Chroma Grand Piano –



BEST Woodwinds Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Fluid Woods by Audio Imperia –
►Review Fluid Woods –

Abbey Road One Selections Mysterious Reeds by Spitfire Audio –

Solo Woodwinds Untamed by Westwood instruments –
►Review Solo Woodwinds Untamed –

John Meyer Feathered Flute by Pianobook –



BEST Toolkit / Cue Builder Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Aevium by Soundiron / Boom –
► Review Aevium –

Monolith by Artistry Audio –

Heirloom by Spitfire Audio –
► Review Heirloom –

Habitat by Orchestral Tools –
► Review Habitat –

Evolution: Devastator Breakout Pro by Keepforest
► Review



BEST Bass/Guitar Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Audio Ollie Bryce Jacobs 7 Octave Guitar –

Rosette Fingerstyle Impact Soundworks –

Fink Signatures by Spitfire Audio –
►Review Fink Signatures –

Evolution Django Jazz by Orange Tree Samples
► Review Evolution Django Jazz –



BEST Phrase / Loop Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Sound Dust Loop Pool Percussion –

80’s by Sonokinetic –
Rewview 80’s –

Symphonic Elements Braaass by UJAM –
►Review Symphonic Elements Braaass –

Elements Cinematic Rhythms by Zero-G –
Review Elements Cinematic Rhythms –

Fractured Strings by Spitfire Audio –
Review Fractured Strings –



BEST Solo Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Pathfinder Cello by Osterhouse Sounds –
►Review Pathfinder Cello –

Gabrielle Flute by Musical Sampling –

La Clarinette En Rose by Straight Ahead Samples –
► Review La Clarinette En Rose –

VirHarmonic – Bohemian Cello V4 –


BEST Percussion Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Mystery Box 3: Clocks & Rhythms by Silence + Other Sounds –

Abbey Road Orchestra Low Percussion –
►Review Abbey Road Orchestra Low Percussion –

DON’S PERSONAL PICK – PRISM Retro Pop by AVA Music Group –
►Review PRISM Retro Pop –



BEST Vocal/Choir Instruments released in 2022
Choir: Omnia by Native Instruments –

Synchron-ized Voices Bundle by Vienna Symphonic Library
►Review Synchron-ized Voices Bundle –

Chorus by Audio Imperia –
►Review Chorus –

ETHERA Gold Atlantis 1 & 2 Zero –
►Review ETHERA Gold Atlantis 1 –



BEST String Virtual Instruments released in 2022
Stradivari Cello by Native Instruments
►Review Stradivari Cello –

Apassionata Strings by Spitfire –

Nightfall by Realitone
►Review Nightfall –

Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings –
►Review Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings –



BEST Sampled Synth Instruments released in 2022

Vintage Vault 4 by UVI –
► Review

Choreographs by Slate and Ash –

Polyscape 2 BY Karanyi Sounds
► Reveiw Polyscape 2 –

Tape Synths by Spitfire Audio –
► Reveiw Tape Synths –



BEST Budget Buy Instruments released in 2022
Spitfire Originals Cinematic Frozen Strings –

Originals Epic Choir by Spitfire Audio

Artefact by Dark Intervals –

Core Micro Soundiron –