Art Conductor Review


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Art Conductor Review

from Babylonwaves

The Facts

Art Conductor is a script for Logic Pro X. The “Art” is short for Articulation. The script lets you program key switches as midi cc data right in your tracks timeline. Art Conductor let you change your sampler instruments articulations the same way you program midi cc data on your track the same way you you most likey already do for expression, pan, volume etc.

Apollo has loads of great sounding effects and MIDI assignable controls to get creative with.


First Thoughts

I am a Control Freak . . . Midi control freak that is! Trying to find ways to easily capture & program midi data to get more expressive instruments is always on my mind. Art Conductor promises a simple way to program articulation changes, has a number of presets for Spitfire, Vienna and East West.


Using Art Conductor

Using Art Conductor is easy. It does exactly what it has promised. The only thing I didn’t test was if loading 60-70 scripts would have any on Logic playback or RAM usage.

Specs from Babylonwaves

Art Conductor 1.5 comes with presets for Spitfire (supports UACC), Vienna Symphony Library (matrix/cell/slot) a preset for and East West Play which is based on switching channels.
* Easily edit it without knowing how to program code.
* Works with virtually all instruments with note based key switching.
* Spitfire version supports UACC.
* Vienna Symphony Library version fully supports their matrix/cell/slot philosophy
* East West Play version is based on switching midi channels
* Enables you to transpose parts without destroying key switches.’
* Articulations can be renamed to make them consistent over all instruments.
* The script saves with the project. No additional software installation is needed when you run the project on another Mac.
* You can keep using traditional key switches in parallel if required.
* Art Conductor scripts can be easily stacked within one instrument
* All versions support TouchOSC UACC template. You can remote your instrument from a tablet.
* Highly optimized* and resource friendly (you can run many simultaneous instances of this script)


Demonstration Video From Babylonwaves

The first thing I do when checking out a library is listen to see how expressive and musical the virtual instrument can be in action. Here are a few demos using Apollo including one I created.

ArtConductor – A great way to switch articulations in Logic Pro X from marc schlaile on Vimeo.