First Look Review Organic Transitions from Loops de la Creme


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First Look Review Organic Transitions from Loops de la Creme

The Facts

Organic Transitions is available in 2 different editions:

ORGANIC TRANSITIONS (full version) contains the complete collection of over 1000 samples creating 58 Kontakt instruments) that retails for €59.00

ORGANIC TRANSITIONS LIGHT VERSION contains 30 tranistion effects over 6 Kontakt instruments and retails for a minimum of €4.00 with a name your own price in check out.

Both versions requir the full Kontakt 5.3+ to run. Today I am looking at the full version so all info will pertain to that.

Organic Transitions allows you to perform percussion transitions, sweeps and crescendos in real time using the modwheel for dynamic and intensity controls for the “dynamic” kontakt instrument set.


You are also able to design your own sweeps, risers and SFX by using the built in effects, midi learn cc to alter effects parameters and create textures and soundscape.

The full version of Organic Transitions contains 240 pre-recorded transitions made from 1091 samples recorded at 24bit/ 48kHz. The full version of Organic Transitions weighs in at 2,76GB.

You can vary the sound by using one of the 20 IR impulse responses provided as well as select from 4 different microphones for playback including a 4 microphone array (2 ribbon microphones (Voodoo VR1) in XY), a binaural stereo (AT4022) , a mono 1 large condenser microphone (Lauten Audio Clarion) and a vintage omni microphone (Shure Bullet)

Available from Loops de la Creme


I really love the idea of this instrument and the recording quailty is really good. The microsphone selections give you a lot of variables. The dynamic kontakt patches are what I am the most excited about with the ability to control the intensity with the modwheel making these instruments perfect for scoring to picture since your midi will always track as expected even after the picture is changed in editing.  The Multis feel like a great bonus and really start to show you the power of using the instrument as a sound design tool.

My only real disappointment is that the snare and toms are not included in the dynamic layer instruments and only included on the full keyboard layout instruments with the transition already “pre” made which doens’t allow for dynamic realtime control.

A big bonus is that this instrument has already been updated snce I first recived it with 4 new patches added (at no extra costs) including fish skin, nails on metal plate and two new soundscapes (Explore Poseidon, Texas Chainsaw) so fingers are crossed for more dynamic instruments n the future.

Overall, If you score like me and would rather have midi control over the dynamics of your transitions rather than pull in audio files to “line up” with your hits this is a great tool and I am excited to have it in my arsenal.



Official Demos of Organic Transitions

Official Videos of Organic Transitions