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Storm Choir 2 Complete

The Facts

Strezov Sampling‘s Storm Choir 2 Complete combines the content of the Storm Choir 2 Core and Storm Choir 2 Expansion pack.

It requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4+ or higher and weighs in at about 100GB compressed download.

Storm Choir 2 Complete was updated on October 7 2015 and does require 4GB of RAM to use.

Storm Choir has been sampled in the style of the Slavonic molto vibrato tone with a 12-piece chamber choir. The samples for the library were recorded in a small hall with seven different mic positions (including Close, Section, Decca, Outrigger, Balcony, Rear Overheads, and Mixed) and assignable output controls for each.

Storm Choir 2 Complete contains both the Storm Choir 2 Core library (  which retails for $329.00 ) and the Storm Choir 2 Expansion (  which retails for $189.00 ) and is sold from Strezov Sampling with a discount as a bundle for $469.00.

Digging In

Unlike the original Storm Choir, in Storm Choir 2 the legato patches come with True Legato recorded samples for the transitions between notes for women and men. Storm Choir 2 ads True Legato samples for both women and men on all legato instruments.

The Storm Choir Core featuring True Legato Men’s and Women’s Ah and the Expansion offering a True Legato Woman Soloist and True Legato Men’s and Women’s Ohs.

For the instruments with Phrase capability you have a very easy to use interface and the ability to click/load your phrases in a sequential slot as well as the ability to use key switches to determine you choice of sample articulation from the 24 different recorded articulations.


Storm Choir 2 Staccato Instrument Interface

Storm Choir 2 Staccato Instrument Interface

The staccato instruments offer a tightening feature which allow you to control the release length of the staccato playback offering much more control of the sound. The tightening feature allows you to extend or contract the duration of your staccato playback giving you a wide range of flexibility just from this one articulation.

The seven mic positions (Close, Section, Decca, Outrigger, Balcony, Rear Overheads, and Mixed) all sound great and blend beautifully and naturally together. Be aware though, the more mic positions you use, the heavier the memory usage. I didn’t find this to be a problem though as  just 2 or 3 positions blended properly gave wonderful results.

A wonderful bonus which makes this a truly pro instrument is the ability to route each microphone position to a separate output channel.


In my circle of composers friends Storm Coir 1 has had the reputation as the go-to for epic choral arrangements. I know it has been used by many of my colleges for AAA Game music and Trailers but I hadn’t had a chance to dig into it until this week.

The updated Storm Choir 2 complete gives you an easy to use collection of essential phrases with beautiful true legato that improve an already amazing library. The large staccato chants you can achieve are exciting while the sustain instruments sound natural and convincing.

I fell in love with the Solo Soprano Ah Legato patch so the only let down of the entire library was that I didn’t get a solo male vocal legato patch with the same beautiful true legato sample playback and ease of use.

Overall I am thrilled with the ease of use and amazing results I got using Storm Choir 2. Strezov Sampling has taken a library that is already known as a go-to for epic choir and added beauty and expressiveness in with the true legato.



Official Demos of Storm Choir 2

Official Videos of Storm Choir 2