5 Questions with Paul Matthew – Evenant’s Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation Online Course


I am a big fan of what Evenant are doing with their online music production courses. Many of you probably have followed along with my trailer-music video journal I created while I was taking  The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer Course.

Now, I don’t want to make this post all about me but I am really proud to share that since taking the trailer course I have pitched custom music for over a dozen trailers and just landing a placement for the Ready Player One promotional campaign!

So when Evenant released a new course, Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation I was very eager to learn how this course might help develop my sound design skills, but I have just been too short on time to commit to it!

So I did the next best thing, I reached out to composer Paul Matthew. Paul is an active Vi-Control member and always eloquent with his words. I didn’t want to take up too much of his time so I sent him over 5 questions about his experience taking the course and find out what I had to look forward to once I get some free time to dive into it and thought I would share them with you.

Composer Paul Mathew

DB: Hi Paul, what is your music/production background?

PW: I started out as a DJ about 22 years ago playing records in the rave scene and eventually moved into being the co-host of an electronic radio show here in Milwaukee for almost 6 years. I’ve always had a love for music of all kinds, particularly electronic/dance, cinematic and trailer music. I’ve dabbled with music production off and on over the years but only recently have I become more serious about it and learning as much as I can which has led me to the Evenant courses.

DB: What were you hoping to get out of the course?

PW: From the Cinematic Synthesis course, I was looking to get a better grasp on how to do my own sound design and be able to create the type of sounds I want to use in my own productions.

DB: What were you struggling with using synths?

PW: The problem I have had with synths up until now is that I could only do basic things with them using existing presets available on the market. I found myself just going through presets trying to find the sound I wanted and making little tweaks to get them just right. I always thought how nice it would be if I could just open a synth and make my own sounds to suit the music I want to write.

DB: Did you overcome that by taking the course?

PW: Yes and I can honestly say that the Evenant Cinematic Synthesis course was just what I was looking for. I have already learned a lot about sound design and using virtual synths just by going through the first half of the course. It covers many cinematic sounds but also dives into the synths and their features ( this course mainly covers Serum and Massive). I am now comfortable starting from scratch and creating pads, drones, and pulses. I have a much better understanding of synths, their parameters and how to modulate sounds to create movement.

DB: Who do you feel this course will really help?

PW: I know this course will help beginners to synths and sound design, but it can also be a solid learning tool for anyone looking to create their own cinematic scoring sounds.

 I really think this course is worthwhile and feel that there is a little something for everybody interested in cinematic sound design.

Paul was also kind enough to share his first attempts at designing new Serum presets FREE for you to download.
Download Paul’s Serum Presets here.

Huge thanks to Paul Mathew for taking time out of his schedule to share his thoughts with us about Evenant’s Cinematic Synthesis: Digital Sound Creation course.  Learn more about it here.