12.15 Sample Library Demo Round Up Review


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Demo Review 12•15 Virtual Instrument Demo Playlist
There is no better way to hear the quality and expressiveness of a new sample instrument than to put it in the hands of a capable composer. Each month we curate a playlist of sample library demos created by composers and developers to showcase the newest virtual instruments.

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12.15 Demo Round Up Review Playlist

In the December 2015 Demo Review we check out music using instruments from FrozenPlain, Big Fish AudioSoundironCinematique InstrumentsDream Audio ToolsSample Logic, ZapZorn, fluffyaudio, Strezov Sampling, Sound-Dust, 8Dio ,Sonokinetic, The Last, Loopmasters, Output. The playlist is of demonstration music created by composers and developers to showcase new instruments. Virtual instrument review.In this video Don plays through a selection of the virtual instrument demos that made it on to the Sample Library Review Demo Playlist.

Links to Sample Library / Plugin Developers
This months playlist features virtual instrument demos using the following:

    • Demo by Jakub Gawlina using Arctic Strings by FrozenPlain
    • Vintage Rhythm Section Demo 4 Shafty by Funk Soul Productions dist by Big Fish Audio
    • Soundiron – Solonoid Studio – Solace (naked) – Soundiron Olympus Elements Choir from Soundiron
    • Kosmoponaut using K101 from Cinematique Instruments
    • Herd by Blake Ewing using Marching Bass Drum from Dream Audio Tools.
    • From The Deep by Gabriel Kreps by Blake Ewing using Marching Bass Drum from Dream Audio Tools.
    • All Systems GO!! by Jamie Dunlap using Cinemorph from Sample Logic
    • Kitchenware Quirk by Adam Sanborne using Kitchen Suite from ZapZorn
    • Last Days Together by Paolo Ingraito using Trio Broz: Solo Strings & My Piano from fluffyaudio
    • I Was Born On A River Boatby Adam Hochstatter Official Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Demo from Strezov Sampling
    • Demo_Pendle using FlutterEP from Sound-Dust
    • “Put Your Hand In Mine” by John Moukarzel using Acoustic Guitar Bundle by 8Dio
    • Ponden Kirk by Henning Nugel using Sotto from Sonokinetic
    • Utopia (naked) by Solonoid Studio using Whale Drum from Soundiron
    • Pod (naked) by Solonoid Studio using Granny Piann from Soundiron
    • Demo by Jakub Gawlina using Colourform from FrozenPlain
    • “Recordatorios De Licitación Full” by Mikolai Stroinski using Acoustic Guitar Bundle from 8dio
    • The Shiver by Alex Cuervousing FlutterEP from Sound-Dust
    • “The Journey (Naked)” by Mayrain Elements Guitar from The Last Haven
    • Demo by Jakub Gawlina using Phoenix from FrozenPlain
    • Wood & Iron Production Hits from Loopmasters
    • Demo by Rory PQ using EXHALE from Output



Thanks for checking out this month’s demo round-up. If there are some instruments and demos that didn’t make my playlist that you think should, then go to samplelibraryleview.com and look for submit audio and video, make sure it gets on my radar for next month.”