Music Software Sales Guide for April 15, 2018


Sample Library, Virtual Instruments, and Plug-in Deals

Each week we recap the latest deals on our radar.
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70% OFF String Machines by UVI $29 (reg $99.00)

Impact Soundworks release ALLURA Volume 1 featuring Jillian Aversa now $59

20% Off Vengeance Sound’s VPS Avenger (exclusive at Plugin Boutique)

Red Room Audio Update to Palette Orchestral Series to v1.1
Over 7 GB of new content – FREE for existing users.
Use code “PALETTE50” for $50 OFF

► First Look of Palette Orchestral Series

Ethera EVI by Zero-G $94.99

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings at Best Service $399 cross $349


83% Off Epic Sample Library Bundle now €199 (reg €1112)

►All Review Links to Build Your Own Epic Sample Library Bundle

Vocals by Merethe Soltvedt by Audio Imperia $179 (with voucher)

25% OFF Storewide at UVI during Lucky Friday Sale

90% OFF Puremagnetik’s Retro Synths 1980’s Bundle


►Checking Out Archetype Bundle

Versillian Studios Spring Sale 25% off orders of $50 or more

Light and Sound Concert Grand intro $99 (reg $149.00)

Trailer Xpressions II by Sample Logic intro $199 (reg $299)



Trailer Xpressions I & II Bundled $349.99 (reg $499.98)

►SLR First Look Trailer Xpressions II

►SLR First Look Trailer Xpressions I

LAST CHANCE: SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion by Red Room Audio intro $119 (reg $149.00)

►First Look: SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion



50% OFF DRONAR Dark Synthesis & Vintage Synth Bundle $66 ( reg 132.00) at Time&Space

►First Look: Dronar Vintage Synth Module

►First Look: Dronar Dark Synthesis

60% Off ZapZorn Composer Tools now €49 (reg €120)


75% DarkLight IIX by UVI mow €39 (reg €149)


Hans Zimmer Stings  intro $599 (reg $799) release date March 28


O.D.D. Grand Piano By Chocolate Audio intro $99 USD (reg $129.00)

► Review O.D.D. Grand Piano

30% OFF Uproar Vol 2 and 50% OFF Bundle Deal


Waves Audio Maserati GTi, CLA Drums, Renaissance Vox, DeEsser now $29
SAVE an additional 10% with SLR link & code “YNY23”



See all Plugin Boutique Deals

20% Off Vengeance Sound’s VPS Avenger (exclusive at PLugin Boutique)

80% OFF W.A Production InstaChord Intro (Exclusive) May 1

10% OFF Softube Weiss MM-1 Intro May 1

UP TO 50% OFF Ozone Standard Upgrades by iZotope $99 (reg $199.00)

70% OFF Audiomodern ATOM Sale (Exclusive) April 17

42% OFF Wavesfactory TrackSpacer (Exclusive) Apr 16

50% OFF AudioThing Kontakt Instruments May 1




Up to 90% Off The Loop Loft Bundle Deals


Each week we recap the latest deals on our radar.
All links, promo codes, and FREEBIES below or here



Waves Audio – SAVE an additional 10% with SLR link & code “YNY23”






Christian’s Felt Piano (Spitfire Audio)

Hybrid Toy Trumpet by Omri Cohen

Iron and Rust by J Minor Music

ZKRY Marimba for Kontakt

Si Begg Hauntology Organic Electronica Try-Pack

Con Moto Active-Bow Tech Demo patch

Grate Bass Lite by Borth Audio

Karanyi Free Oberheim, DSI, Yamaha DX7, Roland Super JV & Moog patches for your Kontakt

All Plugin Boutique Freebies Plugins

Wooden Xylophone – Splash Sound

HourGlass Free Granular Effects Processor for Windows and OSX

FREE Orbital & Nylonist by Rigid Audio (sign up for newsletter)

Ancient Voices by Embertone

Free Production Loops Heavyocity

Phasis by Native Instruments

Harmon Trumpet Mute Swells from Christopher Byrum Harris


FREE Desk Bell by Fracture Sounds

FREE Keyed Glock by Spitfire Audio

Memori Game for UVI

FunkyGuitar 1.0 by Pettinhouse

Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings by Sonixienema – (get a FREE taster version)

The Rubber Band Box by Modwheel

Resonate by Sonixinema

TyrellN6 by u-he

Out o’ Tune Piano by D Grayvold

ChillerScapes by Resomonics

TERATOMA album and Sample Pack

Atmospheric Horror Toolkit Free

Atmospheric Horror Toolkit Update

Resonate by Sonixinema Scoring Tools

FREE “INSTINCT” Trailer Sound Effects by AVA Music Group Try Pack

FREE SLR Workshops: Sonic Branding 101

Sample Magic now on Splice (use promo code SLR17 for FREE month)

►Review: Splice

Free Kontakt bundle including Layercake and Manipulator by Flintpope

Granularis by Sound Aesthetics Sampling.

Synsonic BD-909 Drum Machine by Synsonic Instruments

DRONAR Atmosphere Creator by Gothic Instruments (at Time Space)

NYU Sample Fest 2017 on Ashton Gleckman’s site

Cinematic Loops by 99 Sounds

FREE 1 Month Subscription to Splice (use promo code SLR17)
w/ over 1 Million Samples, SFX and presets

►Review: Splice

Legacy FREEbies by Performance Samples

Solo Violin Legato by Performance Samples

G-Town Church Samples for Kontakt

FREE Super Audio Boy by Impact Soundworks!

Review SuperAudio Cart


Each week we recap the latest deals on our radar.
All links, promo codes, and FREEBIES below or here:


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