Spitfire Audio releases Aperture – The Stack


Just in time for Black Friday, Spitfire Audio announced the release of Aperture – The Stack.  From now until November 30th, this library is available for FREE when you spend $349 or more during Spitfire Audio‘s Black Weekend. From December 1st and on, it will be available to purchase for $299.  Currently, a free demo version is available to try out.  Runs in Spitfire Audio‘s dedicated player.  More details below.

Introducing Aperture: The Stack — A truly MONSTROUS ensemble of electronic equipment captured through the largest amount of amps ever recorded.  This record-breaking wall of sound comprises 56 guitar amps, 4 subs on 4 levels of rigging, with sources from an unbelievable selection of vintage synths, drum machines, eurorack and guitars, all captured in the rarified space of AIR Lyndhurst Hall.

Available for FREE when you spend £299/ €349 / $349 during the Black Weekend.

Four amp levels make up The Stack. Each effortlessly activated via Aperture’s unique controls. Achieve new seismic levels of expression by controlling dynamics and the number of amps simultaneously. Moving from the smallest Aperture setting, the tight and precise sound from fewer amps building with ferocity and intensity as you open up the Aperture ring giving you a range of sounds you are unlikely to hear again — an imagined Aperture in sound.


For more information, please visit Spitfire Audio.