Spitfire Audio announce Aperture: The Stack


Free during The Black Weekend when you spend £299/€349/$349 or more.
Available to buy from Dec 1st for £199/$249/€249

Spitfire Audio is incredibly proud to present Aperture: The Stack — a record breaking wall of sound comprised of 56 guitar amps, 4 subs and featuring an unbelievable selection of vintage synths and modern classics, drum machines, a eurorack wall and guitars, all captured in the rarified air of Lyndhurst Hall. Designed to effortlessly inspire all music makers, the sound of this library is truly one-of-a-kind and as it’s only available during the Black Weekend, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.


This once-in-a-century event gathers an unprecedented collection of instruments—an ensemble of eight Lyra-8s, Christian Henson’s coveted Colossus (aka Dave) and modular system (aka The Wall), a dynamic duo of Deckard’s Dream, classics such as Junos, ms20s, Jupiters, Moogs, Prophets, an 808, and an expert ensemble of bass and electric guitars led by Leo Abrahams.

Each of the four amp levels which make up The Stack are effortlessly activated via Aperture’s unique controls. Moving from the smallest Aperture setting, the tight and precise sound from fewer amps, building with ferocity and intensity as you open up the Aperture ring, delivering the full range of sonics available from these 56 amps, 4 subs all captured in AIR Lyndhurst Hall. Featuring 87 essential techniques, this 6.9 GB library enables you to achieve new seismic levels of expression by controlling dynamics and the number of amps simultaneously, giving you a range of sounds you are unlikely to hear again — an imagined Aperture in sound.

Recorded by award-winning engineer Jake Jackson and presented in Spitfire Audio’s dedicated, NKS-compatible plugin, the instruments range from whispering pulses to whaling behemoths of sound, showing the incredible raw energy of the amps and the vast scale of AIR’s Lyndhurst Hall.


A World Record Breaking Wall of 56 Amps and 4 Subs, Captured in AIR’s Lyndhurst Hall
Free during The Black Weekend when you spend £299 $349 €349 or more
Available to purchase from 1st December 2021. £199, $249 €249.
An Eye Watering Assemblage Of Synths, Eurorack, Electronic Drums, And Guitars
87 Techniques
6.9 GB
NKS compatible
Presented in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning, dedicated plugin — compatible with any DAW
A unique sound library with limitless creative potential for media composers, producers and sonic creators.

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