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Soundiron‘s Black Friday Sale is on! for a limited time you can save up to 50% OFF Store-Wide. With discounts on bundles and even 25% off the OMEGA bundle.

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Liikkuva Skandi String Textures by Pulse Audio




Aperture Cassette Symphony by Spitfire Audio FREE when you spend $299 or more

Metropolis Ark Ø by Orchestral Tools €75 (reg €150)

Rainsong for Kontatkby Soundiron -FREE

1999 Moonlight Soprano Saxophone by Soundpaint $30
1980 Tenor Saxophone Spectralius $30
1987 Alto Flute Savana $20

Tape Violin by Decent Samples $20 (reg $40)

Virtual Sandberg Basic Ken Taylor RW 4 by Pfundstein Audio Plugins €19.99 (reg 34.99)

Gabrielle Flute by Musical Sampling $49 (reg $79) Dec 12

Minima 2 by XPERIMENTA Audio – FREE



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GX-80 Synthesizer by Cherry Audio $59 (reg $79)

Midnight Warps by Nami Audio €19

Choreographs by Slate + Ash £179 (reg £249)

Sketches of Flugelhorn by Straight Ahead Samples $106.59

Light as a Flutist by Straight Ahead Samples $106.59

Ample Guitar RB by Ample Sound $89 (reg $119) Jan 1




Symphonic Elements Braaass by UJAM $119.99 (reg $169)
Braaass Loyalty $99.71
Symphonic Elements Bundle $269.78 (reg $329)

Originals: Wurli by Spitfire Audio $29

Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion by Spitfire Audio $349 (reg $449)
Promo Crossgrade $309

Genesis by Sample Logic $199.99 (reg $249.99)

Genesis by Sample Logic $199.99 (reg $249.99)

Orchestral Tools: Drones by Alexander Hacke

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Hibernate by Rigid Audio $9 (reg $39)

Balkan Sax & Balkan Clarinet by Have Audio

33% OFF MetaPiano by Sampleson $59 (reg $89.00) 04 Nov – Nov 30

Core Micro by Soundiron $36 (reg $49)

Cinepads Volume 1 by Cinematic Alpha

Nightfall by Realitone $129 (reg $199.00)

► Review Nightfall

Minipol Pro by Karanyi Sounds $19 (reg $69)

Pre-Order Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits by Impact Soundworks $249 (reg $299)







Socorro 1947 Expansion Pack for UAP by Have Audio €15

Anthem Beats expansion for Arcade by Output

SDX Area 33 expansion for Superior Drummer 3by Toontrack €159

Particle Motion Expansion Pack fo Novum by Traction $25 (reg $50) w/code FRIDAY22

Primal Crush DV8 Snapshot Expansion Pack by Sound Yeti $20 (reg $24)




2B Saturated by 2B Played Music $12.38 (reg $38.38) Nov 30

Distiller by Diginoiz $29.90 (reg $59.90) Dec 15

VoxDucker by Soundevice Digital €15 (reg €59)

MasterMind by Soundevice Digital €29 (reg €129)

ab Doverb by Audio Brewers €59
FREE with any purchase above €48

50% OFF Megalit BLEASS $49 (reg $99.00) Dec 05

10% OFF Shaperbox 3 by Cableguys $89 (reg $99.00) Nov 28

30% OFF EXOVERB by Dear Reality Intro $69 (reg $99.00) Nov 30

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