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Special Reserves: Hyper Metals by Impact Soundworks $29

Special Reserves: Colossal Hybrid Drums $29

Special Reserves: Allura Pop Stacks $29

Shreddage 3 Hollomatic by Impact Soundworks $139 (reg $159)

Iron Pack 12 – Prepared Guitar by Soundiron $3 (reg $5)

Snack by Soundiron

Dixon’s Piano DixonBeats

60s Beat by Ueberschall $91.51

Nitro by Hollywood Audio Design $19.95

Big Rock Drums 1 by Hollywood Audio Design $19.95

Big Rock Drums 2 by Hollywood Audio Design $19.95

Vinyl Piano by Wrong Tools €29 (reg €49)

Desolate Guitars by e-instruments $99 (reg $149)

Tenebrae by MNTRA Instruments $29 (reg $49)

Melodic Techno Marvel by W.A. Production $10 (reg $19.90)

SDS IV by Glassbox Audio

New Year Supplies 2024 by Sonics Empire $17.99 (reg $254.03)

DS Drum by Red Pack Drums

NotePerformer 4.4 $129

Composer Chronicles Vol.2: Dark Academia $140

Sordina by Libre Wave $94.99

Ext.Har – lo fi viola harmonics Bunker Samples:

Cinematic Cyberwave by Noizefield Instruments €59 (reg €79)

Cinematic Cyberwave FREE

Fantasy Ambiences by David Dumais Audio $79

Musio adds VOCES8

Brazilian Series: Trombone by Muletone Audio $31.99 (reg $39.99)

Chameleon by Rast Sound

Kinematic Composer Cello by Loot Audio $49 (reg $70) Jan 7

Mobeus Modular by Zero-G $47.95 (reg $59.95) Jan 3

Synchron Duality Strings (colors) by Vienna Symphonic Library
Standard Library $152 (reg $205) Dec 31
Full Library $247 (reg $348)

Orb Horns and Bones by Musical Sampling $99 (reg $139) Jan 7

Spotlight Collection: Ireland by Native Instruments $99
*registered users of Irish Harp can upgrade to collection for $79



Dystopian Guitars by Pulsesetter Sounds $129.99

69% OFF Continuo 2 by Karanyi Sounds €17 (reg €54) Jan 9

82% OFF Viego by Rigid Audio $9 (reg $49) Jan 5

40% OFF El Dorado: Legato Bowed Guitar by David Forner $45.60 (reg $76) Jan 7



Co-Producer [Beta] BY OUTPUT

67% OFF Sistema2 by $49 (reg $149) Jan 7




Up to 66% OFF Native Instrument Bundles

Space Age Rhythm by Authentic Soundware $59

Mandolin Textures by Dark Intervals $14

83% OFF Cinematic Guitars Sale by Sample Logic Jan 7

►Checking Out: Cinematic Guitars Infinity

►Preset Playthrough: Cinematic Guitars Motions




Groove Shadow Elastik by UEBERSCHALL $9.00 (reg $99.00)

Aviram Harp Guitar by Aviram Dayan Production $20.99 (reg $159.00)

67% off Electrix, Melox, Wursy Bundle by Sampleson €18 (reg €54).
74% off Whisper Rhythms by Ink Audio €19

Hibernate by Rigid Audio $9.99

Analog Nightmares by Karanyi Sounds $1 (reg $59)

68% OFF Ekorain by Audiofier $19 (reg $59) Jan 12

SPARKLE 2 by ujam $19

UP TO 85% OFF iZotope Neoverb, Stutter Edit 2, & VocalSynth 2 Jan 15

PRIPYAT Pianos by Strix Instruments $19

The Arctic by Fastsoundtools $3.75

The Jennes by Fastsoundtools $7.50

at VST Alarm

1999 SOPRANO SAX MOONLIGHT by Soundpaint $30




UP TO 91% OFF Karanyi Sounds Jan 15

UP TO 70% OFF Have Audio Jan 08

50% off World Suite 2 by UVI $149 (Reg. $299 Jan 15)

30% OFF Orange Tree Samples Holiday Sale w/code Holiday2023 Jan 15

Orange Tree Samples Reviews

Up to 70% OFF EastWest Christmas Special

Save $50 on ComposerCloud+ $149/year (reg $199)

UJAM Holiday Bundles Deals Jan 8

30% OFF Unstrung by Fallout Music Group $69.30 (reg $99) Jan 7

Review: Unstrung

50% OFF Hollywood Audio Design Sale Jan 15



See all Pllugin Boutique Deals

UAD Custom 2 Bundle at PB $99 (reg $299) Jan 17

34% OFF BLEASS Slow Machine $12.50 (reg $19) Jan 5

UP TO 92% OFF RX 10 Elements & Elements Suite iZotope

UP TO 75% OFF RX 10 iZotope Jan15



Easy Strings by Audiolatry

TENS Jr. Reverb by Klanghelm

MiniFET Compressor by Psycho Circuitry

A-Tek FET-162 by Psycho Circuitry

Vocal Compressor by Bertom Audio

Shelter Series Broken Toy Piano by Fallout Music Group

Lite Ambient Keys by INlet Audio

The Evanescent – Baby Grand Piano

Noctua by Venus Theory/UVI

Shelter Series Broken Toy Piano by Fallout Music Group

Glaze by Native Instruments



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