Zero-G releases Space for Kontakt


Zero-G Sample Libraries launched a new release called Space.  For a limited time, this futuristic sci-fi library is available at an introductory price of $43.95 (regular price $54.95).  It runs in the full version of Kotakt 6.7.1 or higher with samples in both WAV and AIFF formats.  More details from Zero-G below.


SPACE is a comprehensive assortment of captivating and futuristic sound elements meticulously crafted to transport you into the realms of outer space. This collection offers a diverse range of alien and cosmic audio assets specifically designed to enrich the immersive experience of science fiction film scores, video games, and various multimedia projects.

Within this cosmic library, you’ll discover an array of awe-inspiring soundscapes that set the stage for exploration and wonder. From mesmerizing ambient textures that evoke the vastness of interstellar landscapes to cosmic drones that capture the essence of unknown galaxies, these sounds will immerse your audience in a futuristic world filled with curiosity and excitement.

Whether you’re a composer, sound designer, or filmmaker seeking to enhance the space sci-fi genre, Space provides an extensive and carefully curated collection of sounds that will transport your audience to the far reaches of outer space, igniting their imagination and fascination with the mysteries beyond.


For more information, please visit Zero-G Sample Libraries.