XPERIMENTA Project announce release “Due”, 2 Pianos for Kontakt


XPERIMENTA Project has announced release Due, 2 Pianos for Kontakt


“When Flavio and the team decided to make this sample library, they had in mind to create something special, something unique, that could really keep the real essence of the acoustic piano. We combine the art of sampling and the art of scripting to make the best sampled piano we could, made for satisfying the most demanding composers and musicians.

“Due”, a library with two premium piano sampled with incredible realism and detail. Just some numbers: 2 pianos, 14 dynamic layers, round-robin release samples, 3 microphone positions, a 104mq recording room, 20GB, real sympathetic-resonance and overtones samples. The philosophy behind Due is to glue together the art of recording and the art of scripting: top-end microphones in a beautiful sounding room, with the simulation of overtones and of the resonances behavior.”


New developer Xperimenta Project has 2 new piano libraryies for Kontakt out now. Special intro price $99 for both

For all details visit the official release Due, 2 Pianos for Kontakt page at XPERIMENTA Project


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