Westwood Instruments releases ROOTS: Untold Strings for FREE


Westwood Instruments introduced a new creative series called ROOTS.  It is a brand new FREE series of Kontakt instruments.  The first library is called Untold Strings and it’s available now.  Native Access 2 is required to download and register and it runs in both the free Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt 7.6.0.  More details from Westwood Instruments below.


Made from the violas in our award-winning library, Novella Origin, Untold Strings are strings transfigured into a mesmerizing wall of sound. For any story; real, imaginary or that blurry place between the two.  No confusing interfaces or complex layouts. Just 10 distraction-free controls in a unified design.

Because too many options can get in the way of creation, we’re cultivating a series of uncomplicated yet extraordinary instruments.  Made to simplify and stupefy.


Please visit Westwood Instruments for more information.