Aaron Ventures has released Infinite Woodwinds 2.0.


Aaron Ventures has released Infinite Woodwinds 2.0. Infinite Woodwinds is available now for $349 from Westwood Instruments. Details from the devloper below.

Infinite Woodwinds is the second release in thier line of virtual orchestral instruments. As with Infinite Brass, the goal was to create a collection of expressive virtual instruments that are easy to use and fun to play, allowing for quick results and realistic performances while sounding great out-of-the-box.

What’s new in INFINITE WOODWINDS 2.0?
Well, Everything
Infinite Woodwinds 2.0 is a complete do-over of the library. All the instruments have been fully remade in order to work in tandem with the new spaces first introduced in Infinite Brass 1.4.

You’ll find tone and playability improvements across the board, as well as all the new Infinite Series features like Space Selection GUI, Positioner GUI, Humanize, Attack Accuracy, Legato Minimum and extended pitch bend range.

New Instruments
2.0 also adds 2 soprano saxes to Infinite Woodwinds, making the double SATB saxophone dream a reality.

Load an instrument, pick a room, choose a position, dial in your preferred mix of microphone sets and you’re good to go. With colors from the shrills of the piccolo flute to room-shaking low rumbles of the contrabassoon and contrabass clarinet; dynamics from pianissimo to fortissimo; techniques from flutters and growls to measured or chaotic trills; and vibrato from romantic and passionate to fast and trembling, Infinite Woodwinds lets you give voice to the music in your head right on your keyboard.

Build your own ensembles with 41 available positions per room. Choose between 3 different sonic signatures: the warm Mozarteum, the bombastic Bersa Hall and the dry Studio. The ambience is generated in real-time through convolution using bespoke impulse responses unique to each position and room, so it’s always 100% reflecting the performance. Phase-aligned samples, a main characteristic of Infinite Series instruments, result in no perceived cross-fades between recorded layers; the response is smooth, musical, and sounds just like the real thing.

For all details on Infinite Woodwinds 2.0 visit Aaron Ventures