Waverley Instruments releases Synthetic Materials 1.2.0 Update


Waverley Instruments released an update of Synthetic Materials 1.2.0.  It’s available now to purchase exclusively at Loot Audio for €29.  For existing users, this is a FREE update.  It’s compatible with KONTAKT Free Player and Full version 6.6.1.  More details from Waverley Instruments below. 

Synthetic Materials is a simple, but powerful KONTAKT instrument fuelled by a rich assortment of modern-day classic analog and wavetable synthesiser sounds, complete with a scale-quantised semi-generative sequencer and support for user samples.  All the factory instruments (60 in total, approx 5GB compressed) have been sampled in 24 bit super-wide stereo, and include plenty of interesting content for long, evolving and atmospheric pads.

The instrument comes with 100 snapshots plus 25 sequencer demos, but Synthetic Materials is really about making those sounds your own. There are also 50 Multis demonstrating what can be achieved by layering Synthetic Materials instruments plus five 4-track demo “songs” comprising 20 sequencer snapshots.

Refine your sonic creations selecting from two different types of low pass filter (with envelope and LFO) or add some grit with a drive effect that has its own dedicated envelope. Further enhance your sounds with the instrument’s built-in effects, including 4-band EQ, stereo ping-pong delay, rotary, chorus, reverb and compression.

For more information, please visit Waverley Instruments.