UVI Digital Synsations Vol. 2 intro price ending soon


In this video, Matt Vanacoro shows us around UVI‘s follow-up to one of their best-received instruments, with Digital Synsations Vol. 2

The instrument captures the “Digital Mavericks” of the ’90s and is touted as “Picking up where Digital Synsations left off”

Volume 2 delivers 500 powerful new patches across a 3-instrument suite including:
– DZmo, a rare “transwave” synth
– DK5S, a special synth that layers additive synthesis with PCM sounds
– DS-890, the best of two Japanese sister-synths known for their extraordinarily warm analog-like sounds and incredible versatility

The instrument is on special intro price of $99 (reg $149.00) till May 7th.  More detail at UVI.net