Walkthrough: Turkish Oud by Impact Soundworks


Impoact Soundworks have been one of the few developers consistently pushing world instruments into the next generation of libraries. With great recordings, deep sampling and well-thought out articulations Turkish Oud (as well as Ventus series of Ethnic winds Tin Whistle & Shakuhachi) are turning out to be the premium world instruments composers turn to for detailed realism.

The Impact Soundworks Ethnic libraries sell for $99 each.

PLUS for a limited time get Mega Brass FREE with purchase of $99 or more.

Turkish Oud is the 4th instrument in the Plectra Series and was sampled from a custom-made, masterwork Turkish Oud performed by Stelios Varveris and produced by Dimitris Plagiannis. It features all crucial articulations, a gorgeous & inspiring UI, and a full microtuning engine for authentic playing. more info here