Walkthrough: Spitfire Audio release London Contemporary Orchestra Textures


Spitfire Audio has announced the release of London Contemporary Orchestra Textures.

This is the developer’s second collaboration with the internationally-acclaimed London Contemporary Orchestra. For the library sampled unique orchestration for four combinations of instrument groups  and recorded the project in a disused aircraft hangar with a 10+ sec reverb!

London Contemporary Orchestra Textures is a Kontakt Player instrument and will include the developers unique Evo Grid engine.


“Together we have created a completely unique, never-before-sampled sound palette — a sophisticated collection of constantly evolving organic textures, formed by layering unexpected combinations of instruments. In applying the signature workshopping, performance styles and innovative techniques that have made the LCO so sought after, we have produced textures made up of indefinable, fascinating sounds. Our need for unparalleled acoustics led us to the most unconventional recording space in Spitfire’s eleven-year sampling history — a cavernous hangar with a remarkably long reverb tail — adding incredible resonance to each note. Enhanced with our unique Evo Grid, we give you access to a cutting edge, inspiring collection of instantly playable, spellbinding textures which will add incredible depth and colour to your composition.”

London Contemporary Orchestra Textures is on a special promo price of $199 until February, 7th and then will return to it’s nrmall retail price of $299.

For all details visit the official page at Spitfire Audio