Walkthrough: Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition (now with Intro Pricing)


It is hard to believe we are seeing the 10th anniversary of one of the most powerful and often used libraries for media scoring Albion ONE!

The Anniversary edition has been expanded beyond the most recent “ONE” re-recordings of the initial Albion “legacy” product to include:

New UI design and NKS-ready integration
Orchestral: 15 new combination patches, combining different techniques and instrument groups in exciting ways
Percussion: Additional Easter Island hits plus new mixes by Jake Jackson
Stephenson’s Steam Synth: 63 new sounds and 67 presets, all by Spitfire Co-Founder Christian Henson
Brunel Loops: 78 new recordings across 8th, 16th and 12th rhythmic patterns, plus 90 new presets, including 51 from Christian Henson

This epic composer toolkit is on a promotional offer of $349 (reg $449) until January 11, 2018.

Visit Spitfire Audio for all the details.

This is everything you need to make film music in one box. At its heart is a 109 piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section. Add to that warp-able loops designed by award-winning music makers, plus an enormous steam synthesiser – it’s no wonder Albion One is our most renowned orchestral sample library. Perfect for first-timers and established composers alike, this industry standard product is the perfect place to start your film scoring journey.

Spitfire Audio