Walkthrough: @8Dio Century Ostinato (Now Available)


8Dio’s Troels Folmann gives us a full walkthrough of the developers new 8dio Century Ostinato and we couldn’t be more excited.

Designed for audio-realistic string writing. We sampled both Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses (identical to rest of 8Dio Century Strings) in 4 different speeds and at multiple velocities. All string groups were recorded in complete symmetry, so they can freely work together. Just play them like a piano.

Anytime a developer goes out of their way to make tools to help composers more easily create realistic orchestral performances they will get my attention!


Century Ostinato Strings is a Kontakt Instrument and is on a special Intro Price of $128 (goes $198 on July 1st 2018) from 8Dio.