VSL celebrates 20th Anniversary with up to 40% off Select Products


Vienna Symphonic Library is celebrating their 20th Anniversary by having a sale featuring 40% off the VI Series, SYNCHRONI-ized Libraries and MIR products.  Take advantage and save big on favorites like SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds, SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass I, the VI Solo Strings Bundle, and many more.  More details from VSL below. 

20 Years ago, Vienna Symphonic Library’s “First Edition” was shipping. The 93 GB DVD set included 160,200 samples that were recorded in the Silent Stage, a studio specifically built to record orchestral sample libraries. Two decades and over ten million samples later, we’re still breaking ground with innovative virtual instruments and unique software solutions such as Vienna MIR Pro 3D.

All the libraries included in this special offer were recorded in the tight and controlled ambience of the Silent Stage. This makes them very flexible, enabling you to place your instruments in any acoustic environment, especially in the rooms provided by Vienna MIR Pro 3D. 


For more details, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library.