Virtual Drummer SOLID by UJAM on sale for €29


You can buy UJAM’s Virtual Drummer SOLID for only €29 (regular price €99) over at VST Buzz.  Save 70% on this drum library from today until July 4th, 2023. VST 2, AU and AAX plugin formats are supported and the UJAM App is required.  More details from VST Buzz below.

Virtual Drummer SOLID is your seasoned session pro for sophisticated, grand productions in all popular genres and moods.  SOLID provides those untouchable gold-standard drumming styles and sounds that open record label executives’ doors, hearts and wallets.

Seasoned musicians and composers will be impressed with Virtual Drummer SOLID’s time-saving features and uncompromising sound quality whilst beginners will appreciate the frustration-free design, speeding up workflow and enhancing the creative process.


Build your tracks on the strongest foundations with Virtual Drummer SOLID and fully realize and finish your rhythmical arrangements in record time. 

For more information, please visit VST Buzz