Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Percussion III


Vienna Symphonic Library announced the new release of Synchron Percussion III.  Until November 2nd, this percussion library is available at special introductory prices of $322 (Standard Library, four microphone positions, normally $431) and $567 (Full Library, seven microphone positions, normally $753). Requires VIENNA KEY or other USB-eLicenser (e.g. a Cubase- or Nuendo-Key – Soft-eLicensers and iLoks are NOT supported).  More details from Vienna Symphonic Library below. 

Synchron Percussion III is the third and last installment in a series of exquisite instruments, recorded in an extraordinary environment where classic acoustics, groundbreaking technology and professional experience create the perfect formula for excellence. All instruments of this collection were recorded with a multi-microphone setup in Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna, giving you all the sonic flexibility you can imagine in a percussion library, from pure and pristine touches to heavily processed outbursts.

All instruments include single strokes in many velocity layers and several round robins, rolls and effect articulations. For many instruments, rolls are available in two variants: “Static” rolls are recorded without changing dynamics and allow you to transition smoothly through velocity layers from pianissimo to fortissimo. “Dynamic” rolls were recorded with their dynamic changes (crescendos and diminuendos) performed over various lengths.

For more information, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library.