Vienna Symphonic Library releases SYNCHRON-ized Voices


Vienna Symphonic Library announced their newest release SYNCHRON-ized Voices.   Until August 15th, you can purchase this choir collection for the introductory price of €440 (regular price €515) and also purchase each library of the collection individually.  The choir libraries are compatible with AU, VST, VST3, and AAX plugin formats and require the Synchron Player as well as an iLok Account and iLok License Manager software for activation in the cloud or on a physical iLok 2/iLok 3 key.  More details from VSL below.  

The options of shaping sound with the human voice – the oldest and most expressive instrument ever – are virtually infinite, ranging from humming and singing to whistling. The SYNCHRON-ized Voices Collections accommodate that diversity, bringing these beautiful voices to the capabilities of the Vienna Synchron Player. The entire sample database of the VI Voices products was re-edited, updated and optimized for Vienna’s proprietary sample player to achieve improvements in terms of authenticity, usability and flexibility. 

The human voice as an instrument, both as a solo voice or as a choir, offers a wealth of timbres and nuances that create deep emotions. SYNCHRON-ized Voices bring the performances of our acclaimed VI Series Voices to the powerful capabilities of the Vienna Synchron Player for even more authenticity, usability, and flexibility.  The Collections SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Choir, SYNCHRON-ized Soprano Choir, SYNCHRON-ized Solo Voices and SYNCHRON-ized Whistler are available individually or together in the SYNCHRON-ized Voices Bundle, now at reduced introductory prices! 

For more information, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library